Electronic Arts Inc.’s Global Manager Corey Andress, along with EA Sports FIFA, has recently expressed themselves on Twitter the Pitch Notes. They stated that the developers themselves have always been attentive to feedback from the community. They strive to make sure the upcoming FIFA 20 is a complete game, or at least without any flaws from FIFA 19.

In spite of that, it remains unofficial whether all of the introduced pitch notes will be included in FIFA 20. Howbeit, the team have notified that the room for further improvement and changes is limited here in FIFA 19. That hints at the conclusion: they are due for the future versions of the game, seemingly this FIFA 20.

Fifa 19
Despite stunning graphics, FIFA 19 still has many features that dissatisfy players.

Generally speaking, EA’s FIFA stands among games that football gamers worldwide look forward to most. Notwithstanding that FIFA 19 has already been considered an eSports, it is not yet a perfect game.

There have existed a handful of criticisms about the FIFA 19’s gameplay. Even though EA has been fixing these issues via the introduction of new patches, their efforts do not effectively satisfy gamers’ expectation.

It has been clarified by EA that A.I. Defending, as well as all similar features, has algorithms of very high complexity, thus cannot be dramatically modified via a single casual update.

EA has been collecting data from various social channels, content, surveys, and forums. With that, numerous problems have been addressed, including First-time Finesse Shots, Timed Finesse Shots, Near Post Shots, Jumping Volley Kicks, Defensive Pressure, mid-game Dynamic Tactics, AI Teammate Shot Blocks, further tuning of Shooting and Skill Moves, Stamina on Defensive Constant Pressure, Timed Shooting Window, Goalkeeper Movement, and Tackling Speed.

Developing team have also acknowledged the inconvenience caused by many other gameplay issues such as A.I. Defending, Timed Finishing, 1v1 Shooting Consistency, etc. EA alleged that they would like to clarify their plans so that users know how FIFA 20 will be made as one of the world’s best-selling games.

upcoming FIFA 20
EA promises to bring better experience in their next version of FIFA.

At the moment, with these announcements from EA, we could only expect that they will apply all the mentioned modifications onto FIFA 20. Nothing will be more exciting than experiencing the game after the implementation of these updates. For now, FIFA 19 is suffering a lull throughout this year. hopefully, this FIFA 20 will be a well worth redemption for fans.

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