As FIFA 21 is coming on 9th October. Now it's just the time to use our FIFA 21 coins guide to build a squad for the highest final and make some money. Although it is mainly based on FIFA 20, it can still be used on FIFA 21. Set a bookmark and master our FIFA 21 Coins Guide to do the same by yourself.

Fifa 21
As FIFA 21 is coming on 9th October

It's very exciting to play FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and to make the game more exciting you should earn some coins. If you do not know how to make money with the game, please follow these steps:

Sell your team at their most valuable

Since you are not always playing, you should consider selling your team when you are not using it. Here you should have your team bid on high prices to make a lot of money. While it is unlikely that you will sell all of your players, you will have a good chance of selling one or two players, so you may be able to make some money.

To increase your chances of selling players, you should make sure they are in a great formation, such as 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-2. Experts say that if you use this method optimally, you will earn up to 30k per night.

Never buy gold packs

This rule is the basis for everything else that can be found here. Because so many gold packs are open at any time of day around the world, the market is constantly saturated with gold cards, so most of them are almost worthless in the secondary market.

Fifa 21 Packs
Never buy gold packs

If you spend 7,500 coins on a Premium Gold Package, you are lucky to recover half of that amount. While bronze and silver packs guarantee long-term profit thanks to Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). And you earn lots of Gold Packs anyway by completing SBCs, Seasonal Tasks, Squad Battles Rewards, Division Rivals Rewards, and so on.

With my method, you can pick any player you want over time. It's more about the long game than instant gratification.

Shady bidding

This is another great way to make money in the game. Here you should ask a friend to put up an expensive and popular card for bidding. You should then bid high on the card and as people try to outbid you, you will earn more money for your friend. You should continue bidding and if nobody outbids you, you should simply return the card to your buddy. You can also get into a bidding war and if someone outbids you, you share the profit you make with your friend.

Use the bronze pack method

Here you have to buy as many bronze packs as possible and sell the contents. You can sell each contract for 150, while some players can go for 20,000 or even 30,000. To make money, you should look at what you have and sell it. If you receive junk packs, you should not throw them away. You should keep them and use them when an opportunity arises. Remember: never gold.

Fifa 21 Bronze Pack
Here you have to buy as many bronze packs as possible and sell the contents

Buy informs

Here you have to buy information at a low price and then spend about 2,000 coins to buy a new player. For best results, make sure you put the player in a 4-4-2 or other expensive formation. This will increase the price of the player. For example, you should buy a player for 40,000 and use the 4-4-2 formation for the player. Since the price of the player will increase, you can sell the player for even more than 80,000.

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Fifa 21 Coins
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