On October 10, Electronics Art (EA) has officially celebrated their achievement for FIFA 20. Just 2 weeks on the market, the number of players in FIFA 20 has reached 10 million. Together with the announcement, EA also rewards its players with in-game currencies – 8000 Volta Football Coins.

Fifa 20 10mil Player 01
FIFA has expressed their gratitude to its players

Volta Football Coins can be used to equip your Avatar with some of the best gears from Volta Drop 1. To claim the reward, you need to log in to your account in FIFA 20 and enter the Volta Football mode. Remember to do it between before October 17 to pick up coins before it expires.

Fifa 20 10mil Player 05
The rewards are limited within 7 days only

However, please note that 10 million players are not actually 10 million copies sold. FIFA 20 is also playable through the subscription services EA Access and Origin Access, which is basically a cheaper way to play the game. Nonetheless, the 10 million players mark is still a good job for EA considering how short did it take to reach the 8-digit figure. With a larger player base, microtransactions in-game would make up a large part in FIFA 20's revenue.

Impressive numbers

Along with the rewards, EA also made an infographic to shed light on how much the game has progressed. Let's see how far has the game gone with numbers.

Fifa 20 10mil Player 02
There were 450 million times FIFA 20 has entertained its players

Just 2 weeks and an average player has already played around 45 matches.

Fifa 20 10mil Player 03
Around 1.2 billion times we have jumped with joy. Celebrating the goal is always a part of the fun

Interestingly, one match averages around 2.6 goals, each player has scored around 120 times.

Fifa 20 10mil Player 06
It seems like many people would play the game for pure fun while half of the total player want to customize their own accounts

This is a good time to use Volta Football Coins. Go grab your coins and make your own flashy avatar right now.

Fifa 20 10mil Player 04
Some locations are more favored than others, these are the 6 most popular football fields

It seems like the most favorite football fields are Berlin, Rome, Lagos, London, Cape Town, Tokyo.