Indian fans were absolutely disappointed at Electronic Arts again with FIFA 20!

In fact, FIFA 20 is the latest and also the best installment in the FIFA franchise so far, with a lot of improvements in visuals and gameplay features. However, EA has not put Indian gamers' feedback into serious consideration, as FIFA 20 is portraying India's map incorrectly again!

Before getting into the details, let's have some looks at FIFA 20's gameplay through the trailer below. It's mesmerizing, but can the new features make up for this mistake?

FIFA 20 failed to correctly draw India's map

Every year, we have a new installment in the FIFA series, and this year, FIFA 20 has done a great job of the latest title. However, the old problem that has occurred in the previous two FIFA games is coming back to this year's game. To be more specific, FIFA 20 does not include Jammu and Kashmir, again!

This issue was spotted by a former Gadgets 360 reporter - Rishi Alwani, as he posted it on his Twitter account. It's a screenshot that he took in-game, which you can have a look below:

Fifa 20 Has Made A Mistake With Indias Map Again 2
The tweet from Alwani

The media outlet couldn't verify this omission so far, as players can only see maps of countries in Squad Battles section of FUT. The difficulties come from the fact that the options were randomly refreshed every 12 hours. At this moment, India's squad is not a part of this play mode.

Fifa 20 Has Made A Mistake With Indias Map Again 1
Indian Super League is available in FIFA 20

However, as EA has used this map of India in its famous soccer franchise for two years, it's very likely that they have continued to do so. Utterly disappointing!

FIFA 20 can be forbidden in India due to this issue

Personally, I understand that while Indians totally not agree with this omission, some parts of the two regions were still under the occupation of Pakistan and China. Hence, it's understandable that FIFA wants to satisfy fans from all over the world, and not including those parts in its game.

Fifa 20 Has Made A Mistake With Indias Map Again 1
EA has a good reason to do so, but they can't just simply get rid of the entire regions altogether!

However, Indians have raged with EA and FIFA 20 due to the fact that the entire regions were excluded from India's map. It's offensive and unacceptable in every way and would lead to major problems. It's actually considered illegal in India, making EA unable to sell their products inside the country - both digitally and physically.

Fifa 20 Retire Character Main02
Indian gamers might not be able to play FIFA 20!

Hopefully, EA will do something about this problem in the future, making its game available to India's fans.

FIFA 20 is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.