For a new game like FIFA 19, there is no suprise that there are a lot of bugs in game. Especially since FIFA franchise is infamous for so many hilarious and odd bugs over the course of history.

Of course, this is understandable, because the game feature hundreds of physics interaction between footballers, the ball, and the goal.

Even so, there are some bugs that stand out, because of their impact to the game - some even make the game unplayable. Some other bugs become infamous because of their weirdness and hilariousity.

And FIFA 2019 is not an exception.

In a penalty shootout, there is a chance that a bug will happen, making the game award player with a corner kick when the goalkeeper push the ball out. After that corner kick, the penalty shootout continue like normal. Pretty sure that's not how football works.

Or this bug, making the goal keeper confuse with the ball, and kick it into his own net:

Most of the hilarious bugs involve the goal keepers having trouble dealing with the ball's physic. Maybe this will be the thing that EA focus on the next available patch.

But, the most bizarre patch known to date, is after a goal is scored, there is a chance that the camera won't shift back to the normal perspective. That mean the camera will fixated on the player that scored the goal as the game continue, makes the game become unplayable. Imagine the above bugs happen in an important online match? Sure, it's funny when watching the bugs in the internet. But when those bugs happen in your game? Not a good experience.

You can see more bugs from this game in the below video: