As a part of PUBG Mobile’s recent 0.15.0 update, a new vehicle named BRDM-2 was added to the game, replacing the Armored UAZ. This car is a common spawn in various locations in Payload Mode, while in Classic mode, you can only obtain the BRDM-2 by using a flare gun.

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The Halloween update has added quite a large amount of content to PUBG Mobile

Statistics of BRDM-2: Speed, steering, and fuel capacity.

BRDM-2 is a Soviet Vehicle – it is kind of fit, as Erangel is somewhere in the old Soviet Union. BRDM stands for "Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina", which is "Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle" in English. Very lightly armored by today’s standards, this vehicle is amphibious and is able to cross over both land and water terrains. The BRDM-2 has a maximum speed of over 100 kilometers per hour and can move at half speed on water terrains. The maximum amount of people that this vehicle could carry is 4.

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BRDM-2's structure and capacity

Amongst all the vehicles in the game, the BRDM-2 is probably the safest to drive, as its tires are bullet-proof and cannot be damaged. With the compact design that provided covers from every direction, it is nigh impossible for a player to get damaged while riding inside the vehicle. They cannot shoot outside, however.

Does the BRDM-2 have any weaknesses?

An all-terrain vehicle that cannot be damaged

There are two disadvantages that the players would suffer while riding this vehicle: The speed boost costs too much fuel and players inside the truck are unable to shoot. Furthermore, the vehicle is also slower than the majority of vehicles in the game without using speed boosts. Combine that with low fuel efficiency, this car is rather hard to use if you are too far from the safe zone. In a vehicle duel in squad mode, this car can be overcome pretty easily by a faster vehicle due to the lack of offense capabilities.

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