It seems that EA has decided to make Apex Legends their next flagship title, as it is currently their best game with the biggest player base. The game is currently aiming for a release on the next generation of consoles, with a mobile version released very soon.

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The full cast of Apex Legends

The mobile gaming scene was shaken very recently with Call of Duty: Mobile’s arrival, scoring an explosive 100 million downloads on the first month since launch. After its success, looks like more and more video games company are trying to replicate the same model, porting their chosen game to invade the mobile market. Apex Legends, EA’s surprise hit of 2018, is coming to mobile.

During a conference call of EA on October 30, Andrew Wilson, EA’s chief executive, reveals that they are going to bring Apex to the mobile platform sometimes next year. There is not much information about the exact launch date, however.

The gameplay has a lot more depth than the usual shooters, as each character has their own set of abilities

Currently, Apex Legends is a fairly popular game, with 70 million accounts created. The game is more or less a fusion of Blizzard’s Overwatch and Fortnite, with the only similarity that it has with PUBG being the core battle royal gameplay. It is not clear if the 2021 version of the game would be the exact copy of the PC version or it would be its own thing, like PUBG Mobile.

Apexlegends 02
Apex's graphic is top tier - it is not clear if EA could port the whole thing to mobile

Looks like it’s a rocky road ahead for PUBG Mobile, with more and more dangerous competitors trying to carve their own slice of the giant mobile cake. Games like Call of Duty Mobile can cater to a lot more players than PUBG Mobile, as it has a lot more game mode and maps than just battle royale.

As Apex is also being prepped for next-gen consoles, we could reasonably expect an improvement in graphics when it finally comes to mobile, as the mobile version would have almost 2 years of development.

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