October is passing, and with it, the last days of season 9. Based on various estimations and leaks from data miners, season 9 is expected to end in the middle of November. From a business point of view, it is crucial that PUBG Mobile developers release a new season for two of the biggest holidays of the year, Christmas and New Year. In this article, we would list out some of our datamined info about the cost, weapons, characters, skins, outfits… of the upcoming patch.

When would Season 10 of PUBG Mobile be released?

Mobile Season 10 768x402
PUBG Mobile Season 10 is coming soon

Ever since PUBG Mobile introduced its Seasonal System on Feb 2018, the duration of every season has been mostly a stable number. Season 9 was released on the beginning of September, along with its Payload mode and Warrior Theme. Based on our count, the release date of Season 10 should be November 7 to 9.

How much would the Royale Pass of Season 10 cost?

Buying a Royal Pass is the best way to get all the new sets in PUBG Mobile

The Pass would likely to remain the same, with three levels to buy and upgrade: Royale Pass, Elite Pass and finally, Elite Upgrade Plus Pass

The Elite version of PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is likely to be priced at about 600 UC, which is the equivalence of 850 rupees. The Elite Upgrade Plus would cost more than double of that, about 1800 UC, which is the equivalence of 2480 rupees.

What features are going to be added in Season 10?

A lot of new awesome skins are going to be added

As Season 10 is the big holiday, you can expect lots of new upgrades to be added to the game, such as new weapons, skins, vehicles and maybe even the next version of Erangel.

New Emotes

Currently, there are two possible new emotes to be added in season 10: Envoy of Death and Masked Psychic. They are pretty likely to be part of their respective costume sets.

New Frames and Skins

The season 10 logo inside the iconic pan

Season 10 of PUBG Mobile would probably include the biggest collection of new skins to date. A new parachute skin called “Ace Parachute” would be added. With the skin equipped, your parachute would get a black and yellow theme, with a Season 10 logo inside a Pan.

An array of themed skins would be added, including Uzi, M24, Groza, Vector… The best skin, however, is the M416 as it can be improved in the lab with additional bonus effects. Another new skin for the Kar98 is also getting designed.

New skins for the vehicles

About cosmetics, skins for backpacks and helmets, each with unique finishes, would also be added as a part of the tenth Season. There would be variants of the backpack skins, such as desert/military based or winter-based theme. New Avatar Borders are also going to be part of the prize.

Upgrades for the helmet skins – Frog Type, Winter Cap, and Dino Set are all revamped. The MAD-MAX inspired is getting updates as well, with a new finish added.

Updated details for the helmet skins

The most exciting leak, however, is the info about a new weapon. In the next season, the infamous pistol Desert Eagle is going to be added. The Deagle is a staple of popular shooters, as it is pretty much the first choice of sidearms in most of them. If you have played other FPS games such as counter-strike, you have to know about it.

The main advantage that the Deagle has over other pistols in PUBG is its destructive power of 62 damage per shot. With this kind of damage, even the massive recoil would not be able to stop a player from using them, as sometimes just one bullet is enough. The gun is able to be modded with Holographic sights, Red dots, laser sights, and extended magazines.

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The infamous desert eagle is finally getting added.

The Deagle uses the 0.45 ACP ammo, with 7 bullets per magazine. With an extended magazine, the limit would be increased to 10.

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