PUBG is one of the most popular games across the globe at the moment, but here are some facts about it that you might not know:

Fact 1: An in-game bandana once sold for over $1000 (Rs 7100)

The Bandana is a much sought-after cosmetic item in PUBG. It was only available in special crates given to players who pre-ordered the deluxe edition of the game in early 2017. As such, it is very hard to come by these days, and many people are willing to pay a ridiculously high amount of money for this virtual item.  Back in September 2017, one such Bandana was purchased for $1015 on Steam’s Community Market.

Virtual Bandana
The Bandana has become a very rare item in PUBG these days

Fact 2: PUBG holds a record for the number of concurrent players

Last September, PUBG set a record by becoming the first Steam game to have more than one million concurrent players every single day for 365 consecutive days. Previously, it also held a record for the highest number of concurrent PC players at 3.2 million, but this record was broken by its rival Fortnite in February 2018.

Chart 1
A chart showing the number of daily concurrent players of PUBG from September 2017 to September 2018

Fact 3: BlueHole Studios doesn’t spend money to advertise for the game

PUBG’s developer BlueHole Studios actually does not spend any money for its advertisement. The game practically became famous on its own. Another bonus fact: 55% of those who own PUBG on Steam were CS: GO players.

Image result for CSGO pubg
55% of people who own PUBG on Steam also played CS: GO

Fact 4: The impact of Royal Pass

The introduction of Royal Pass increased the revenue of the company by nearly 365%.

Image result for pubg royale pass season 4
Royale Pass massively increased the revenue of the company

Fact 5: Don’t mess with the rules

Moderators of PUBG Mobile have banned over 13 million accounts since last October for cheating. With the latest ban wave, which happened after the arrival of the Vikendi update, over 30,000 players were banned in a single day, many of whom were pros.

Fact 6: The secret behind the name

Ever wondered why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has such a weird name? It’s because “PlayerUnknown” is the in-game nickname of Brendan Greene, the game’s creator. Get it? It’s the Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown.

Image result for brendan greene
Brendan Greene, a.k.a. PlayerUnknown, the creator of PUBG

Fact 7: The power of mobile

PUBG Mobile actually has more players than its PC counterpart.

Fact 8: PUBG Mobile once got a TV commercial in India

PUBG Mobile is the only mobile game to date that has had its commercial telecasted on Indian television.

Pubg Tvc 3
PUBG Mobile is the only mobile game to date to have received a TV commercial in India

Fact 9: Reason bots exist in the mobile version of the game

The concept of Bots was brought to the mobile version of PUBG to help new players get a grip of the game. When a new player joins PUBG Mobile, the first few matches they play are usually full of bots. These computer-controlled characters are for the most part harmless and can be killed easily, which helps bolster the confidence of these newcomers. As they level up, the ratio of bots to real players will gradually decrease, until bots disappear altogether and the match consist completely of real players.

Bot in PUBG Mobile
Bots in PUBG Mobile are usually harmless

Fact 10: This one is rather obvious

You probably already know this, but Sanhok is significantly smaller than Erangel and Miramar. Its size is only a quarter of the other two’s.

Fact 11: The location of Air Drops

Air Drops most often occur at the center of the safe zone. This could be an effort from the game makers to make them more contested.

Related image
Stay close to the center of the safe zone to increase your chance of getting an Air Drop

Fact 12: Another name origin

The name Erangel is a combination of Eryn – Brendan Greene’s daughter – and Angel.

Eryn - Brendan Greene’s daughter
Eryn Greene, daughter of Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene

Fact 13: A little bit of realism

A bullet fired from a KAR 98 will begin to go downwards after it has traveled 300m.

Related image

Fact No. 14: Violence isn’t always the answer

You will be given the tag name “Pacifist” if you manage to win a match without killing a single enemy.

Image result for pubg pacifist