In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about girlfriends in GTA San Andreas: how to get a girlfriend, what GTA San Andreas Girlfriend cheat code is, and what girlfriends in the game could offer you. While you don't need a girlfriend to complete GTA San Andreas 100%, it is a really fun part of the game and you will get rewarded for dating them and treating them well.

How to date girlfriends in GTA Andreas

There is a total of 6 girlfriends you can date in GTA San Andreas who are Denise Robinson, Millie Perkins, Helena Wankstein, Katie Zhan, Michelle Cannes, and Barbara Schternvart. In fact, you can date all these 6 girls at the same time if you can find them.

There is only one mandatory date with Millie Perkins during the Key to Her Heart mission. You will also meet Denise Robinson during the Burning Derise mission. As for these other 4 girls, you need to look for them at various locations.

Denise Robinson

You will meet Denise Robinson during the Burning Derise mission. CJ sets fire to a house owned by Vagos members then he hears Denise scream inside the house. This causes CJ to go back into the house to save Denise.

After the mission, you can find Denise at her house between the times of 16:00 and 06:00. CJ can date Denise without any requirement.

Denise Robinson
Denise Robinson in GTA San Andreas

Millie Perkins

In the Key to the Heart mission, CJ kills Benny and pretends to be him to date Millie to get a key card from her for a heist. After the heist, she calls CJ to get a cut from the heist, which he agrees to. CJ can continue to date Millie Perkins after that.

Millie Perkins
Millie Perkins in GTA San Andreas

Helena Wankstein

You can find Helena Wanksteinat the target practicing next to the Ammu-Nation store in Blueberry, Red County. She is normally home between 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 02:00.

In order to date Helena Wankstein, you must have low muscle, low fat, and high sex appeal.

Helena Wankstein
Helena Wankstein in GTA San Andreas

Katie Zhan

You can find Katie Zhan at the golf course near the Cobra Martial Arts Gym in Garcia. She lives in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro. She likes men with sex appeal and muscle.

Katie Zhan
Katie Zhan in GTA San Andreas

Michelle Cannes

You can find Michelle Cannes inside the Driving School in Doherty, San Fierro. She lives in Downtown, San Fierro. You need a fat level higher than 50% and a high sex appeal. If your sex appeal is higher than 90% or you have collected all oysters, then your fat level doesn't matter.

Michelle Cannes
Michelle Cannes in GTA San Andreas

Barbara Schternvart

You can find Barbara Schternvart at the police station in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada, where she can be taken out from. She lives at the El Quebrados police station. She prefers fat men but you can still date her if your sex appeal is at the max level or you have collected all oysters.

Barbara Schternvart
Barbara Schternvart in GTA San Andreas

Who is the best girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

Katie Zhan is the best girlfriend in GTA San Andreas. When you are dating her, you don't lose your weapon when you die. It is also not too difficult to meet the requirements to date her.

What you can do with girlfriends when dating

There are 3 activities during dates in GTA San Andreas, including visiting a restaurant, dancing at a dance club, and driving around. Each girl will have a different preference. Actually, they will tell you where they like to go. The game also shows which part of the town she likes. If you date successfully, the girls will show positive behaviors.

After a few successful dates, she will invite you back to her place for a coffee (have sex). If you can get to 35% to 50% relationship status you can have her car key. If you reach max relationship status, you will get a special outfit from the girl.

You can buy girls gifts to make them happy. You can choose flowers, dildos or vibrators. You can kiss the girl when you gift them a present.

Dating Gta San Andreasa
Dating in GTA San Andreas

Can you marry girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

Though many people search for the way how to marry girlfriend in GTA San Andreas, till now, there is no way to do so. It's simply because the devs don't have the code for that feature.

GTA San Andreas girlfriend cheat code

It can be quite time-consuming to try to change your character to attract all the girls in GTA San Andreas. There is no cheat to get a girlfriend in GTA San Andreas directly but some cheats increase your attractiveness to girls in general.

Here are some GTA San Andreas Girlfriend Cheat Codes that will help you attract girls and get a girlfriend easily.

  • BEKKNQV - Turn the game into pimp mode. Your outfit will change to a gimp suit. other people will become pimps and prostitutes. Prostitutes are attracted to you and follow you around.
  • HELLOLADIES - Set your sex appeal to the maximum. This will get any girls in GTA San Andreas to date you.

In order to activate a GTA San Andreas Girlfriend Cheat Code, all you have to do is type the cheat code while playing the game on PC.

If you are playing the game on a phone, you need a GTA San Andreas mod on Android in order to activate cheat codes.

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