GTA San Andreas is the flawless mix of gameplay and narrative amongst the entire GTA series. It was the first time this title added role-playing factors like working out to keep fit or the need for food.

Moreover, Grand Theft Auto is full of cars and it is one of its most prominent specialties. Lowriders are a popular means of transportation and players definitely want more than one under their sleeve. So which one is GTA San Andreas lowrider car and how can we get it? Be sure you read to the end of our article to find out.

Gta San Andreas
How can you get a lowrider car in GTA San Andreas?

What car in GTA San Andreas is a lowrider?

Lowriders are vehicles whose ground clearance or suspension are altered (usually using hydraulics) in order to ride as low to the solid ground as possible. They are especially popular in the Varios Los Aztekas gang.

You can see lowriders mainly in Los Santos around the station, where there are also tuning garages. Mainly, players can see lowriders around the station in Los Santos. In case they are not sure their car is a lowrider, just drive it to one of the exclusive tuning garages. You know it is a lowrider if that garage opens!

Gta San Andreas Lowrider Car
What do we know about lowrider cars in GTA San Andreas?

Moreover, you can control a lowrider car using this instruction:

PC - Numpad PlayStation 2 Which wheel(s) Arrows on screen
2 Right Analog stick to the back Rear wheels Arrow down
4 Right Analog stick to the left Left sidewheels Arrow left
6 Right Analog stick to the right Right sidewheels Arrow right
8 Right Analog stick to the front Front wheels Arrow up
8 & 4 Right Analog stick to the left and front Left front-wheel Arrow up left
8 & 6 Right Analog stick to the right and front Right front-wheel Arrow up right
6 & 2 Right Analog stick to the right and back Right rear wheel Arrow down right
4 & 2 Right Analog stick to the left and back Left rear wheel Arrow down left

List of lowrider cars in GTA San Andreas

There are apparently 6 classes of lowrider cars in GTA San Andreas, including Blade, Slamvan, Remington, Savanna, Voodoo and Tornado.


It is not San Andreas if we don’t see lowriders bobbing up and down San Fierro Rifa streets. The one-top, 2-door Blade is among the available lowrider cars in GTA San Andreas players can use.

GTA San Andreas lowrider car: Blade


Slamvan, one of the lowriders up for grabs, spawns behind the adult shop in El Corona, Los Santos.

You can find a Slamvan near an adult shop.


Remington spawns outside Los Santos’s Unity Station. Players are recommended to visit Pay 'n' Spray in Doherty prior to taking possession of it or before delivery in order to cover sustained damage en route.

Every GTA San Andreas lowrider car can be customer and Remington is no exception.


This is a standard 4-door, convertible lowrider. Much like the Blade, it is created based on the design of a Chevrolet Impala but the year is different - 1963.



When it comes to top speed, this GTA San Andreas lowrider car is the second-fastest vehicle. Its cap speed can be on par with that of the Sultan.



Opposite to the Voodoo, Tornado is the lowest car in GTA San Andreas. It is also the only car that has real dragging capability. If you drop Tornado’s rear end on the ground, you will see a ceaseless spark stream like a minitruck.


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How to get a lowrider car in GTA San Andreas

While players can find lowrider cars across Los Santos, they also rely on manual methods such as using mods. So here’s a clarification on the working ways to get a lowrider car in GTA San Andreas.

1. Find them at the airport and garages

Any of the lowrider cars can be found around the state, especially around or near gang zones such as Grove Street. As mentioned in the car category above, each lowrider can have a different spawn location.

On another hand, Loco Low Co. is the backyard mod shop that modifies lowriders. It is located on a dead-end street in Los Santos’s Willowfield. As only lowrider vehicles can be modified at this place, you can find a lowrider or confirm if yours is one by arriving here.

Gta San Andreas Car

2. Use lowrider car in GTA San Andreas cheat codes

Apparently, players have been searching if they can use cheat codes or mods for lowrider cars in GTA San Andreas. However, there seem to be no cheats for them at the moment.

The best solution, for now, is to search for them at aforementioned locations across the state.

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