GTA San Andreas is always an interesting action role-playing game although its engine is not as advanced as GTA 5 and GTA Online. Moreover, it's more popular than later GTA games because it's available on iOS and Android platforms. Here are all GTA San Andreas ocean cheats that you may want to know.

GTA San Andreas Ocean Cheats For Android, iOS & PC

GTA San Andreas ocean cheats APK includes all the cheats that you can use when you are at sea. Before that, you should know how to enter cheat codes and use them in the mobile version of this game. You can also find the list of cheat codes which can be used for both mobile devices and PCs.

Gta Ocean Docks Min
There are many missions and activities to do on the ocean in GTA San Andreas.

How To Enter Cheat Codes In Android & iOS?

Playing GTA San Andreas on the PC platform is not similar to playing this game on the mobile phone. It's because you don't have a separate keyboard to enter cheat codes and action codes conveniently, Therefore, you need to follow these steps to enter cheat codes when playing this action RPG on iOS and Android devices.

Gta San Andreas
Playing GTA San Andreas on the mobile phone is not similar to playing this game on the PC platform.
  • Add a keyboard to your smartphone: As mentioned, you don't have an external keyboard to enter codes on smartphones like on a PC or console. Therefore, you need to add a third-party keyboard to use when playing GTA San Andreas on Android or iOS devices. Or else, there are some external keyboards for smartphones and tablets that you can buy on the market. You can use the keyboards to connect with your mobile phone and enter codes more easily.
Gta San Andreas Beach
You need to add a keyboard to enter cheat codes when playing GTA San Andreas.
  • Save the game: After adding the third-party keyboard app, you need to create a new save file before using these codes. You should keep the game save "clean" to make sure that these cheat codes do not disable the Achievement system in the game. It's very important to get Achievements in this game.
Gta Beach Activity
You need to create a new save file before using these codes to keep the game save "clean".
  • Choose the code: This action role-playing game has a lot of cheat codes with different effects for players to use and enjoy more experiences. You can choose the right cheat codes that PC players are using to get the same effects.
  • Enter the cheat code: After choosing the right cheat code for the wanted effect, you need to enter it by using the external keyboard or third-party keyboard app on your devices. Then, you can enter the code for GTA San Andreas ocean cheats without pausing the game.
Gta Beach Action
This action role-playing game has a lot of cheat codes with different effects for players to perform.
  • Cheat Active: If the chosen code works, you will see the effects right away. If you don't see the expected effect, enter the cheat code again.

Useful Cheat Codes For Ocean Activities In GTA San Andreas

After doing those steps, you can play GTA San Andreas on mobile more conveniently. These cheat codes also work on PC besides mobile platforms. Here are some cheat codes in GTA San Andreas that you should use when you are at sea.

GTA San Andreas ocean cheatsEffects
CVWKXAMInfinite Oxygen/Lung Capacity Maxed
KRRIHBTShow Mappings
JQFUDUBShow Targeting
MIZYXHZShow Tap To Target
TOODAMNHOTSuper Sunny Weather
AUIFRVQSRainy Weather
CFVFGMJFoggy Weather
ALNSFMZOCloudy Weather
NIGHTPROWLEREternal Midnight
XJVSNAJ00:00 to 12:00
Gta Beach Cheat Codes
Players can use these codes to change the weather condition or time for some missions on the ocean.

There are some weather codes that you can use to change the weather for some missions on the ocean. Besides, you can also use a cheat code to show the map while swimming or show the target when you are at the sea. If these codes do not work on the first trial, repeat them again to see the effect.

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What Is The Cheat For Boat In GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas also offers some kinds of boats for players to travel on the ocean. To make the boat fly when you are traveling on the ocean, press RB, B, Up, LT, Right, RT, Right, Up, X, Y. If you want to disable this effect, repeat this cheat code. You also use the boat in the Vertical Bird mission and Pier 69 mission. These cheat codes may help you complete these missions faster.

Those are all GTA San Andreas ocean cheats that you may need to know. Use those codes to enjoy more conveniences in the game and improve your experience in GTA San Andreas when completing ocean missions more easily.

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