GTA Online is a fun game and all but it can be a little boring sometimes. It's not that playing the game is boring, but being human in the game is boring. If you've ever felt like that, then we know exactly what will spice up your experience in GTA Online. Find yourself some peyote plants, transform into an animal, and mess with other players for fun!

Gta Online Peyote Dog
Take on the ultimate cover of a harmless animal to wreak havoc upon the city.

How to turn into an animal in GTA Online?

There's a small type of plant known as "peyote" that is sprouting up all over Los Santos and Blaine County. If you take a bite of one of them, you will take on the appearance of a wild animal as well as its ability. This may not seem like fun in Single Player, but in GTA Online, it has just opened up a whole new definition for fun!

For your information (old or new), peyote plants are tiny hallucinogenic cacti growing all around the island. They're available in both GTA 5 and GTA Online. The peyote plant will turn the players into animals once they consumes it. From there, you're in full control of what you want to do next!

Not only you can run up to NPCs and hound these innocent victims in the form of an animal, but other players as well. You see, others also see you in the animal form and will interact accordingly. Turning into a deer allows you to do the most damage. Spread your reign of terror by tackling your friends or straight-up strangers in the online session.

Peyote Plants Deer
Give your friends and the NPCs a hard time!

But do keep an eye on incoming cars! They can easily knock you out when you're in animal form.

Where to find GTA Online Peyote plants?

In total, there are 76 GTA Online peyote plants growing across San Andreas and the surrounding ocean. You can see all of their locations on the map below. As you approach the peyote plants, they will mimic the sound of the animal that they will turn you into. So, choose carefully before the turn into an animal in GTA Online!

Peyote Plants
Peyote Plants locations in GTA Online

The closer you are to the peyote plants, the stronger your pad vibrates. You should recognize the plant for its distinct small green puck with some white flowers on top. When you're close enough, press right on the d-pad to take on the animal form.

Peyote Plants Ingame
This is what the plant looks like in-game.

Each creature has its own controls, though. In the top left corner of the screen is the tip to use your capabilities. The hallucination will continue until your animal is killed, or you press right on the d-pad to quit.

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