Jets in GTA Online have long been a dominating force that rules the sky. They not only take players from point A to point B fast, but they do so in style! You can even equip these aircraft with heavy weapons to blast the enemies from above. Today, we'll guide you through two of the most standard options when it comes to jets.

Here's the ultimate battle between the Hydra Jet and the Lazer Jet!

Gta 5 Flight School Dlc
Bombard your enemies from the sky!

Hydra Jet in GTA Online

  • Cost: $3,990,000
  • Purchasable From: Warstock

The Hydra is a VTOL Jet featured in two installments of the GTA franchise. This is one of the few jets in GTA Online capable of vertical take-off and landing. It allows the Hydra to take off from limited space, the same as a helicopter in GTA Online.

Hydra Gtao Front
This is how the standard Hydra looks without any custom jobs.

The Hydra flies fast and handles pretty well. For weapons, this aircraft supports lock-on homing missiles and explosive machine guns. However, you must be quite efficient with dodging incoming missiles since the armor on the Hydra is just average. It can only take only 1 RPG or 2 homing missile hits.

Lazer Jets in GTA Online

  • Cost: $6,500,000
  • Purchasable from: Warstock

Regarding designs, the Lazer jet is quite similar to the Hydra in GTA Online. The wings are flatter on the face and edges and bulky at the end, but that's about all the differences in appearance. The first big change is in the take-off mechanics. The Lazer cannot take off vertically and requires a runway. However, it makes up for it with a high velocity and acceleration. Yet sometimes the handling feels kind of strange.

P996 Lazer
Take a look at the P996 Lazer!

The armor is also the same as the Hydra. It can only take 1 or two hits of RPG and missiles before blowing off. The weapon selection features explosive cannons and homing missiles. A plus side to the Lazer is that it can fit in the hangar and accessible at your disposal. However, we don't think it's enough to justify the cost.

Verdict: Hydra Jet vs Lazer Jet in GTA Online

After weighing these two jets in GTA Online, we have to declare Hydra the winner here. It's true that the Lazer Jet does offer some minor advantages compared to its counterpart, but they're not enough. It's almost double the price of Hydra and the performance it provides doesn't do the job.

Gta Online Jets Feature
The Hydra will give you the best value at its price.

So, if you're looking to buy a jet in GTA Online, we suggest taking the Hydra. Save the extra cash for other purchases in the game.

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