GTA Online is full to the brim with supercar selections. Players can never run out of choices in this kind of market. From the rear-wheel-drive Progen Emerus to the all-wheel-drive X80 Proto, the sky is the limit!

Entity Xxr
Welcome to a new GTA Online Supercar Review!

Yet, buying a supercar means investing big money into the game and you should expect to get the better of it. So, in this article of GTA Online supercar review, let's take a look at two of the most popular choices: the Entity XXR and the Krieger.

GTA Online Supercar Review: The Entity XXR And The Krieger

The Överflöd Entity XXR is one of the most expensive items in GTA Online, coming in at $2,305,000. But believe it or not, the Benefactor Krieger is even more lavish, boasting a whopping $2,875,000 price tag.

Entity Xxr 2
The Överflöd Entity XXR in GTA Online

Both of these supercars possess insane speed and handling ability. The Entity XXR draws inspiration for its design from the Koenigsegg One:1 and Agera RS in real life. This monster can easily top the speed of 128 mph without any custom jobs. Meanwhile, the Benefactor Kreiger is just a tad behind at 127.25 mph.

On paper, it's the Entity XXR that has the edge in speed. However, thanks to its RWD drivetrain and the inferior downforce, the Krieger is actually the superior track racer between the two.

The Benefactor Krieger in GTA Online

Let's check out the base stats for both of these vehicles in the GTA Online Supercar Review!


  • Speed - 86.81
  • Acceleration - 93.50
  • Braking - 37.33
  • Handling -100.00

Entity XXR

  • Speed - 91.21
  • Acceleration - 88.75
  • Braking - 33.33
  • Handling - 100.00

What Should You Buy?

Well, depending on your purposes, you may favor one of the two supercars more. The Entity XXR is a great roadster vehicle to have in GTA Online, especially for showing off your deep pockets. On the other hand, the Krieger is an excellent racing car thanks to its low curb weight and AWD drivetrain.

Krieger Gtao Front
When it comes to racing, the Krieger takes the edge!

Either way, these are still two of the most expensive on-land vehicles in the game as of now. And for nearly $3,000,000 apiece, you're guaranteed to turn heads on the streets!

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