Earning cash and reputation points (RP) is the key to progression in GTA Online. A lot of content in-game is locked behind levels, such as higher-tier equipment, better missions, gears, and heists. However, there are ways to quickly gain RP. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best ways to grind RP quickly in GTA Online.

1 - Do daily objectives

GTA Online gives players a lot of opportunities to gain exp, as long as they log in every day. By completing the Daily Objectives, they can get some efficient RP without having to grind. Usually, you would be given a task to participate in a particular game mode or a race, none of which should be challenging.

Daily objectives
Daily objectives is a great way to grind RP quickly in GTA Online.

Sometimes these objectives might include CEO works, which might require some preparations. However, they are still easy enough to do, as long as you don't waste time getting chased by police.

2 - Grind Adversary Mode

Adversary mode is one of the more exciting parts of GTA Online. In this mode, players are split into two teams, one completes an objective while the other tries to prevent from doing it. The advantage that it has over other methods of grind is that Adversary mode is actually fun to do.

Adversary Mode
Adversary Mode in GTA Online

Bombuska Run and Come Out and Play are the best. In these modes, one team would take a vehicle and try to escape across the map while being hunted by the other team. These are fast, efficient and fun - you don't have to worry about wasting time.

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3 - Bonus RP and cash events

GTA Online's weekly updates often bring exciting events like discounts, cash activities and bonus RP. Players can sometimes earn twice or thrice the amount of RP and cash in missions - one of the best ways to grind RP quickly. Therefore, every time these events hit, grind as much as possible. Keep an eye on the Weekly Update to know which activities you should focus on to progress.

Bonus RP and cash events
Bonus RP and cash events in GTA Online

4 - Partner up/Crew

With GTA Online being a game that focuses on Multiplayer, it is obviously more rewarding to play with friends. Players should get their own Crews, either with online players or friends. This enables them to jump into co-op missions or do heists immediately without having to wait for matchmaking. Overall, playing with a Crew ensures a 10% more RP than usual.

Partner up/Crew
Crew in GTA Online

5 - Invest in businesses

Businesses are a great way to make cash and earn RP. Try to grind for important properties like Bunker and Warehouses right away - their associated quests give players a steady stream of RPs. High-end apartments are also important as well - they allow players to host heists, earning more money and RP.

Invest in businesses
Investing in businesses GTA Online is a sensible move to earn rp quickly.

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