GTA 6 leaks and rumors have been around for quite a while, with most being vague smoke and mirror tricks. However, this most recent round of reveals might actually be it, as even a well-known game journalist like Jason Schreier is backing it.

GTA 6: Back to Vice City
GTA 6: Back to Vice City

In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about GTA 6 and its expected release date.

About the GTA 6 leak

The original report was made by Tom Henderson, a well-known GTA 6 discusser. He posted a short video some time ago showcasing some significant details. People are skeptical at first, but then both the VGC site and Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier are confirming it. Apparently, they have heard similar things to what Henderson revealed. Therefore, this round of rumors and leaks needs to be examined more closely.

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Highlights of what GTA 6 is supposed to be:

We are going to return to Vice City once again. While it is not the largest open-world map of all time, apparently, the city is going to "evolves" in time, similar to Fortnite's map changes. Vice City's size and various details will be changed by added DLCs.

The game is going to set in the modern-day Vice City and not the 80s. This will give Rockstar more freedom with modern aesthetics, similar to what they did with GTA 5/Online. Similar to GTA 5, there will be multiple protagonists in GTA 6, with one of them being the first female lead ever in the franchise. She's going to be "the smart one" in the group, who's good with tech and hacking.

Gta 6 Vice City
GTA 6 is very likely to come back to Vice City

Apparently, GTA 6 is in the early stages of development, and Henderson believes GTA 6 release date can only be in either 2024 or 2025. Part of the reason for this late arrival is GTA Online, which continues to make an absurd amount of money every year... at a very small maintenance cost.

About GTA 6's previous rumors

The various absurd rumors like Project Americas revealed back in the day were part of a misdirection campaign to fool the fans and media. As the game is so early in development, we can safely assume that all of the above can change at a moment's notice.

female character in GTA Online
You can play as a female character in GTA Online, but not in any real GTA games.

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