In the gaming world, nothing lasts forever... and GTA 5/Online is not an exception to this rule. This actually prevents people from getting into the game, as they fear it might close down after their heavy investments. GTA 6 hasn't even been announced officially yet, but some fans are still wondering about what will happen to GTA 5/Online once it's out.

Gta 5
GTA 5 has been around for almost ten years now

In this article, we are going to discuss the future of GTA Online after GTA 6.

1 - Can GTA Online last forever?

While GTA Online definitely has the tool and groundwork to be around for the years to come, Rockstar is still a profit-based company. It will cut the cords after Online no longer make enough profits for them to justify leaving the server on.

GTA Online made almost a billion last year
GTA Online made almost a billion last year

However, this is probably not going to happen any time soon, as GTA Online is still making tremendous profit. In 2020 alone, it has made over one billion in shark cards microtransaction. According to fans, these are actually the reason why Rockstar is not making a GTA 6. Why take risks making a new game while they can just milk GTA Online instead?

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2 - Possible futures for GTA Online when GTA 6 is released

If GTA 6 is different enough from GTA Online

GTA Online might still have a long future in the situation that GTA 6 is radically different from GTA 5 (and Online). Similar to Red Dead, Rockstar can definitely maintain the multiplayer of both games just fine.

GTA 6 could be in the past
GTA 6 could be in the past

If the leaks are true, GTA 6 might take place in the 1970s, which means it is definitely different enough for GTA 6 Online to exist alongside its predecessor. Both games are going to use different systems of vehicles and mechanics in that case.

GTA Online going into "maintenance mode"

The fabled "maintenance mode" is where dead games are put into. This means Rockstar will cut all further developments for GTA Online but keep the server on indefinitely for anyone who remains. This is the most likely outcome - the game would die a slow death, with the playerbase moving over to 6 overtime.

Maintenance mode is a possible outcome
Maintenance mode is a possible outcome

If GTA 6 is a bad game

While Rockstar has never done this before, it is entirely possible for them to pull a "CDPR" and botch the release of GTA 6 just like Cyberpunk 2077's. In this case, players would stay in 5 and Online for a little bit longer. New updates for GTA Online might still happen.

However, the game's death is still inevitable even in that situation, as everyone will be moving once GTA 6 has been patched.

 Cayo Perico
The newest update of GTA Online, Cayo Perico, is the best expansion for GTA Online to date.

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