GTA Online features tons of weapons for you to choose from, with more getting added every patch. While there are ludicrously powerful weapons like the Widowmaker, they cost a ton of money to buy and upgrade, not to mention the huge rank requirements.

In this article, we are going to list out the most cost-effective weapons in GTA Online a.k.a the best bang for your buck. We will showcase one weapon for each weapon class.

1 - AP Pistol (Best Handgun)

Requirements: Rank 33, $5,000

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate handgun in GTA Online, the AP Pistol is your best bet. It is powerful, has low recoil alongside a fast fire rate and a large clip. It is the best weapon to use in drive-by-shootings.

AP Pistol
AP Pistol in GTA Online

To automatically equip this pistol during drive-bys, just store all other drive-by weapons inside a gun locker. Your character would automatically pull out this gun instead of the usual SMG.

In case you don't know, AP Pistol is among the most recommended weapons for beginners in GTA Online.

2 - Stone Hatchet (Best Melee Weapon)

Requirements: Complete five bounty missions for Maude

The Stone Hatchet has a special ability called "Stone Hatchet's rampage". It activates after the player kills an NPC or another player using the weapon. With the Stone Hatchet rampage mode activated, the user will be immortal for 12 seconds.

Stone Hatchet
Stone Hatchet in GTA Online

You need to continue to kill with the hatchet to prolong the ability. The rampage ends if you switch to another weapon.

3 - Assault SMG (Best SMG)

Requirements: Sign-Up for Rockstar Social Club, $12,550

The Assault SMG is an AR/SMG hybrid. It is only slightly stronger in stats than other SMGs. However, the gun comes with a special ability that prevents it to lose damage with distance. For example, most weapons get their damage reduced to 30% at the 120-meter mark... while this gun still deals the full damage. Because of this, you can easily snipe enemy aircraft with the Assault SMG.

Assault SMG
Assault SMG in GTA Online

4 - Advanced Rifle (Best Assault Rifle)

Requirements: Rank 70, $14,250

The Advanced Rifle is actually much stronger than the Special Carbine, with a very high fire rate. Coupled with decent mobility, the Advanced rifle is pretty much the most versatile weapon in the game.

Advanced Rifle
Advanced Rifle in GTA Online

Its weakness of low range could be easily solved with a decent scope.

5 - Assault Shotgun (Best Shotgun)

Requirements: Rank 37, $10,000

The Assault Shotgun is a strong CQB weapon, and like the AP Pistol, it is able to easily outclass other weapons of its class. The Assault Shotgun's unique property is the fully automatic firing mode. This alongside the high damage makes the Assault Shotgun highly efficient.

Assault Shotgun
Assault Shotgun in GTA Online

Its reload time is also pretty low at only 2 seconds, which is actually shorter than most other shotguns. This is among the most cost-effective weapons in GTA Online, damage-wise.

6 - Heavy Sniper (Best Sniper Rifle)

Requirements: Rank 90, $38,150

The heavy sniper is here to enforce the "One shot, one kill" mantra. It can kill most players in a single shot, cripple helicopters, cars... and more. Overall, the heavy sniper does huge damage and fires faster than the standard Sniper. It can even be upgraded to its MK2 form with an extra 200k.

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Heavy Sniper
Heavy Sniper in GTA Online

7 - Homing Launcher (Best Heavy Weapon/Launcher)

Requirements: Rank 1, $75,000

This is the only way you can effectively deal with enemies vehicles early on. You don't need to waste time aiming or judging trajectories when using this weapon - just point it at the target and let the missile lock-on.

Homing Launcher
Homing Launcher in GTA Online

A well-shot missile is likely a death sentence for unarmored helicopters and slow planes.

8 - Sticky Bomb (Best Thrown Weapon/Explosive)

Requirements: Rank 19, $600 (each)

Sticky bombs are the undisputed best throwables in the game. They deal heavy damage and stick to the target, which can be detonated later at your command. There are a lot of creative ways to use this grenade. It can replace traps or mines. You can even stack multiple of them on the front of your car then hit the enemy car with that.

This is amongst the most cost-effective weapons in GTA Online, PVP-wise.

Sticky Bomb
Sticky Bomb in GTA Online

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