Earlier this month, 32 best squads from various regions were selected from a whopping forty-two thousand teams to take part in PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020’s Spring Split. After the regional group stages have been completed, PUBG Mobile’s developers have just unveiled various details about the latter stages of the competition. The Regional Finals of PMCO South Asia would begin on Noon Feb 22 and last until Feb 23.


There would be 12 matches in the Final and they will be played on all four maps in TPP mode. To follow the tournament, please check our PUBG Mobile’s Official YouTube Channel.

The top 9 squads in the Grand Final of PMCO India will qualify for PMPL South Asia, a newly created next level tournament for PUBG Mobile. At this stage, 5 direct invitees (they are actually all Indian teams), along with 9 from PMCO India and 6 from PMCO South Asia will fight for the 5 qualifier slots of World League East.

As Indian teams have been dominating the scene heavily, PUBG Mobile’s developers have to create a version of the tournament for the country, as they would definitely leave PUBG squads from neighboring regions in the dirt. In the South Asia PMCO that was run in tandem with India's, 14 teams out of 16 are from Nepal.

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The PMCO, from being the premier tier tournament, has been demoted into an entry gate so that every type of player would be able to join and participate to start their Esports career. This year’s grand final has seen a lot of new names risen from the masses, as the Indian top-five squads ( Entity, Soul, Synerge, INS, and Insidious ) were exempt from taking the qualifier. Except for GodLike and Fnatic, all 14 other teams are newly assembled lineups. This definitely speaks volumes about the growth of PUBG Mobile in India.

The World Leagues is not even the highest tier of tournament, as above it is the World Championship – a once per year chance for the very best teams to compete to find the best PUBG Mobile Squad in the world. Beside great honors, the whole system of tournaments has a total prize pool of five million dollars, double that of last year’s program. We will report more about this tournament soon - for more information, please check out our PUBG Mobile tag on Gurugamer.