It has been almost 2 years since PUBG Mobile’s debut on Android and iOS. Since then, the game has gained a huge number of updates, some completely change the nature of the game. Initially, PUBG Mobile stayed true to the core gameplay of the original version – it is a pure battle royale without any side attractions. However, as time passed and the number of new players dwindled down, the developer has to find new ways to retain the current player base, which in turn leads to new game modes. Season 12 would be yet another big update, bringing in new weapons, balance changes, and various event goodies to celebrate the game’s second year anniversary.

Extreme Cold mode is going to be very different

Already playable on the beta test client, PUBG Mobile’s next patch is going to be numbered 0.17.0 – below are our take of everything that are going to be included in the update.

New weapons and weapon changes:

Michal Kalisz Dbs Lp 03
The DBS can deal an absurd amount of damage

Firstly, a new gun called DBS is going to be added. It is a double-barreled bullpup shotgun with pump-action, which means that you have to load a new round every time you shot. Overall, this gun is pretty much a short-range version of the AWM – it deals massive damage in a certain range, but due to its pump-action nature, you probably can only do it one time. The DBS is going to be included in special crates and airdrops – furthermore, it is capable to be fitted with the red dot, holographic and 2 to 6x scopes.

Secondly, the Uzi can now be modified with a holographic or red dot, which would give players better accuracy.

New mode named Extreme Cold:

Hunt for food and create fire to fight against the cold

This is more or less a survival mode in the line of survival titles like Rust – players would have to get the basic necessity to survive while dealing with threats from other players. In fixed intervals, a cold wave would spawn and damage players’ health – they would have to prepare their shelters and food to avoid them.

8 more Tactical Markers:

Maxresdefault 1
Various new markers to convey more messages

Players would now be able to use a lot of different types of markers instead of just one. This addition would let teammates communicate with each other better.

Death Replay feature:

Sometimes it is unclear how the enemy was able to take you out or spot your position – death replay would resolve that problem. With the ability to replay the moment of your death, players would probably be able to learn something from them and avoid making the same mistake a second time. This feature can also be used to detect hackers, as people who are using wallhack or aimbot would most likely be revealed.

Erangel changes:

While this is not the Erangel 2.0 patch that everyone has been hyping for, the 0.17.0 patch would still bring a lot of balance and graphical changes to the map. The UAZ and Dacia would be improved with new textures, along with better effects on a few locations.

Season 12 contents:

Maxresdefault 2
Season 12 pass rewards

As usual, there would be a bunch of clothes, skins and various other items in the patch for season 12. However this time it should be somewhat bigger, as this patch would mark the 2nd anniversary for the game. More free goodies and mini-games would definitely be part of this season – in which players would be able to win in-game prizes. Interested in more of our articles related to PUGB Mobile? Please check out this post for a complete guide of the Vikendi map.