PUBG Mobile’s Vikendi map is in the middle of the group in terms of size: the snow map is smaller than Erangel and Miramar. It is still larger than Sanhok, however. Vikendi is a 6x6 map, based on an island in the Adriatic Sea. In this guide, we would go through the best places to land on Vikendi and what you ought to do after arrival.


1200px Vikendi Goroka
Crossing the frozen lake is a bad idea

The top of the list about the best places to drop is Goroka. This town is one of the four biggest settlements on the map. The reason that Goroka is often put above the others is its verticality. When trying to land in the town, you should aim for the buildings on the north side of the main road. If you accomplish the task successfully, you would have the high ground advantage over enemies who chosen to land on the buildings below.

In terms of loot, the town is the equivalent of a big city. You would probably be able to gather enough gear to last for the endgame by going through just a few buildings. Goroka is also located at the center of the map, so it is very likely that you would be able to easily escape to the first few zones until you gave to get out of the city. Be careful when trying to cross the gigantic frozen lake, however.


1200px Vikendi Winery
There are a lot of blind spots in the Winery

Lying in the southernmost corner of the map, the Winery is located right next to Pilnec. You would need to be pretty cautious when looting this location, as enemies would often come to Winery after their looting trips in Pilnec. Try to listen to their footsteps and ambush them.

About loot, the main attraction of the Winery is the cellars underneath the sheds. These locations are very likely to contain decent loots, however, people often camp in there, so you have to be on your guard. Take your time when infiltrating the place and pre-aim corners when moving around. In general, you would be fine if you avoid open areas.


1200px Vikendi Wip 6
The most iconic location in Vikendi

The most iconic location on Vikendi, the Cosmodrome is an abandoned spaceport filled with loot. When landing on this area, you should try to avoid all the open areas around the launch site and stick to the nearby single-story buildings. What’s more, the majority of those buildings have underground cellars with plenty of spawned loot.

The strategy to infiltrate the Cosmodrome is rather similar to that of the Winery. You should be careful when walking through every corner, as there are a lot of blind spots. A great amount of loot can be found here, however, escaping the blue zone from this area could be tricky. Because of that, it is best for you to leave the site earlier than usual.


1200px Vikendi Castle
The walkway can be a good vantage point

This location is a highly contested zone, therefore it is not recommended if your goal is to survive until the very end of the game. On the other hand, Castle is the best place to drop if you want to kill other players immediately and practice your ability in firefights. This is by far the most stylish zone on the map, being a real castle with a moat.

If you are able to land on the Castle site and get a decent weapon right after that, you would want to either camp on a spot or move around checking every corner. If you are able to survive the early waves, grab one of those long-range scopes and head to the highest walkway of the castle, as it is an extremely effective lookout spot. Similar to the Cosmodrome, you would want to evacuate from the zone after a while – as swimming through the water with the blue zone behind you is a good way to get killed.

Lumber Yard

1200px Vikendi Wip 7
If you decided to land on the Lumber Yard, prepare to cross the bridge

If you are playing solo, picking the Lumber Yard as your land site is actually a good location due to its isolated nature. There isn’t much to say about this place, as the buildings contain loot are open sheds with less place to hide or take cover. If the main yard’s loot does not satisfy you, check out the other clusters of buildings around the site. As there should not be many people landing here, you would probably be able to get to those loot in peace.

The only thing that you have to take note of this location is the possibility of a safe zone spawn in the west. In that case, you would have to cross a bridge near the castle to get there. In PUBG, walking on a bridge or swimming through a river are risky businesses, as you can be easily killed by opponents from all sides. Move out of the lumber yard early if you expect an ambush.


1200px Vikendi Cantra
Hit the church first before clearing out the other buildings

Cantra is a small town located on the south-east of the map. Despite its size, the gears that can be found in this location are often better than those found in similar small towns like Krichas or Vihar. It is best to clear out the Church first before heading to other houses, as its the biggest building.

Once you are done with the town, you can also check out the hot springs, as it is just around the corner. Keep an eye on the advancing wall of doom, however, as you are quite far from the map's center. With the zone hot on your heels, it is best to prepare a vehicle beforehand.


Reza Honarmand Villa 02
The Villa comes with its own Dacia

Villa is a good location for smaller squads in solo and duo mode. There would be a lot of weapons and attachments that could be found inside the main villa building, with a Dacia guaranteed to spawn in one of the garages.

The best thing about the Villa is that the side is in the middle of the map. In most scenarios, you would be safe for at least the first few zones before having to move. When you finally move, there are a lot of buildings that can be used as cover if the car has already been taken.

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