PUBG brought throwable weapons to PUBG to bring players more experience with this battle royale game. And many times, it works perfectly and brings about amazing results, like the PUBG player in this story. He threw a crowbar accurately to kill the enemy and save his knocked teammate. Check out this performance here with

PUBG Throwables Work Perfectly In PUBG

Throwable weapons and items, such as crowbar and sickle, has just come to PUBG in season 5. But this addition proved its usefulness and also stylishness in this game. Killing enemies with throwables is something more exciting and cooler than using guns and bullets. And a Reddit user u/johnnyfriday34 has just uploaded a video clip featuring a stylish crowbar throwing.

The Player Run To The Enemy To Save His Teammate
The player ran to the enemy to save his teammate

In the video, a PUBG player named ArtemisEntreri4 grabbed a crowbar and run towards the enemy on a buggy. That buggy guy knocked ArtemisEntreri4’s teammate and was about the killed him with a car crash. The PUBG player, with no gun or bomb, tried to save his teammate.

He Had No Gun But A Crowbar
He Had No Gun And Just Grabbed A Crowbar

PUBG Player Killed An Enemy By Throwing Crowbar

It was at the beginning of the game. antiSOCIALfartz drove a buggy and ran over ArtemisEntreri4’s teammate, knocked this guy. When he was about to kill ArtemisEntreri4’s friend with another hit, ArtemisEntreri4 ran to him with a crowbar.

He Killed The Buggy Guy By Throwing The Crowbar
He Killed The Buggy Guy By Throwing The Crowbar

The buggy man circle once and stop to run straightly and hit the gun-less enemy. But it was unfortunate for that buggy guy as ArtemisEntreri4 took the chance when the car stopped and threw the crowbar to kill him right away before reviving his teammate.

That was an impressive crowbar throw of a brave PUBG player. He still came to fight the opponent and save his teammate without a firearm.