Lack of ammo is a deadly thing in a shooting game like PUBG where a bullet can make you win or lose. This PUBG player made a mistake when not checking the ammo number in looting. But his great aiming and shooting skills saved him. He ended one enemy’s game with two last bullets he had just looted. Check out this interesting story here with

PUBG Player Failed To Check The Bullet Count

The Reddit user posted a video clip featuring an epic bullet land in PUBG. This PUBG player, dannygizzle101, and his squad were in close combat in a small village and one of his teammates was knocked. In such a strain close fight, counting the number of ammo is the first thing you need to do. Because this time, ARs are the priority for close combat which requires a pretty great number of bullets.

The Player Had Only Seven Akm Bullets Left
The Player Had Only Seven AKM Bullets Left

After killing an enemy with nineteen bullets from his AKM, he found out that there were only seven bullets left. So, he decided to change the weapon and loot some ammo from the dead enemy’s crate for the next fight. This man grabbed an M416 and 5.56mm bullets from the dead enemy. But he didn’t realize that there were only two bullets for the M416.

He Looted An M416 From The Dead Enemy With Only Tw
He looted an M416 from the dead enemy with only two bullets without knowing it

Killed The Last Enemy Team’s Member With Two Last Bullets

That could be a deadly mistake of that player when he failed to check the ammo left. Then, dannygizzle101 and his teammate sprinted off the save the knocked friend. However, his teammate still died before his teammates came. Dannygizzle101 spotted an enemy running down from the hill and land two accurate bullets with the iron aim to kill him.

Those were also two last bullets he had just taken from the dead enemy. That was an excellent shooting skill of the player. It saved him from a deadly situation when he had only two bullets and no scope for combat.