Motor glider PUBG is a new feature that was recently added to the game. It was the first flying vehicle ever in PUBG, add more fun and a new layer of complexity to the game. The Motor Glider was brought to PUBG Labs at first. After receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback from players, it was added to Live Servers on January 14. The Motor Glider actually appeared in Rule of Survival, a battle royale game on mobile, before.

PUBG Labs Motor Glider
PUBG used PUBG Labs to test the Motor Glider during December 2019

Here is everything you need to know about how to use it, where to find it the game, and all the tips and tricks so you can make the best use of it.

About The Motor Glider PUBG

The Motor Glider appears only on Erangel and Mirana. There is a total of 10 Motor Gliders each match, showing randomly on 40 different locations across the two maps. Here are all the PUBG Motor Glider spawn spots.

Pubg Motor Glider Spawn spots on Erangel
All 40 Motor Glider spawn locations on Erangel

Pubg Motor Glider Spawn on Miramar
All 40 Motor Glider spawns locations on Miramar

As you can see in the 2 above pictures, the places where you can most likely get a Motor Glider are Mylta Power, Military Base on Erangel and Campo Militar, Prison on Miramar.

Pubg Motor Glider and fuel can
Before finding for a Motor Glider, make sure you already have some fuel cans

For balance purposes, the devs have made some changes to the Motor Glider when it arrived Live Servers. The Motor Gilder won't have any fuel when it spawns. That means you can't just run to them and fly away right at the start of the game. You will need to loot for items and first and be more watch out as you approach a Motor Glider.

The Motor Glider can carry up to 2 players. The player in the back seat can use items and weapons freely.

Motor Glider in pubg
The Motor Glider in PUBG can carry up to 2 players at a time

Considering the ability of the Motor Glider, it seems to be most effective during the early game and mid-game.

How To Fly The Motor Glider PUBG

Since the Motor Glider allows players to fly, which has never been possible in PUBG, controlling it might be a little bit confusing for some players. With common vehicles in PUBG such as cars or boats, you only need to use the direction buttons, which is super simple. With the PUBG Motor Glider, here are some things you need to know to make it running:

  • Hold down the Left Shift button to increase the throttle of the Motor Glider and run it on the ground.
  • Ride the Motor Glider on the ground until it reaches 65 km/h and then press S to take off.

how to run Pubg Motor Glider
You need to run the Motor Glider on the ground until it reaches 65 km/h and then press S to take off

  • When you are in the air, hold W/S to change the latitude of the Motor Glider and hold A/D to change the direction of the Motor Glider.
  • You can increase the throttle using Left Shift and reduce the throttle using Left Alt.
  • More throttle will give more power to the engine of the Motor Glider so it can fly higher and faster while consuming more fuel.
  • To land the Motor Glider, just simply lower the throttle and glide it down a big space. When you are on the ground, you can hold Space Bar to active its handbrake.

Tips And Tricks For The Motor Glider PUBG

  • In order to get the Motor Glider, it's best to loot some items first and then grab a car to go to all Motor Glider spawn spots nearby.
  • When you are flying alone, you can easily switch to the back seat to use healing items or attack other players with your weapons. You don't need to hold any button to keep the Motor Glider flying. The movement of the Motor Glider is also really smooth so it is totally possible to get kills while flying.

Motor Glider Pubg is a safe vehicle
The Motor Glider PUBG doesn't explode like other vehicles, and you will still be safe

  • You don't have to worry if your Motor Glider PUBG is run out of gas or getting shot at while in the air because it won't explode life other vehicles. Instead, the Motor Glider engine will stop and you can still slide it down to the ground safely.
  • If you are more interested in killing people than riding the Motor Glider, you can find a Motor Glide and camp other players who are trying to get it.
  • If you are trying to take down a Motor Glider on the sky, you need to aim for its body and not its wings or its tire. Is tires do not take any damage and its wings take a lot less damage than its body.