PUBG vs COD has been one of the most frequently searched questions ever since Call of Duty Mobile’s debut.

Call of Duty is one of the longest-running First-Person Shooter Franchise in the world – one of the few series that manages to be successful year after year. However, as time passes, the overall level of technology advances enough so that games would be able to support a much bigger number of players. PUBG/ PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was born on that idea – it creates an immersive battle experience with a massive number of players that no other games have managed to accomplish before.

In the Indian market, however, the Mobile versions of both titles are superior to the original PC and in this article, would make a comparison between the two Mobile titles: PUGB vs COD.

1 – Graphics of PUBG vs CoD Mobile

Firstly, we would have to tackle the most obvious topic: the first thing that you see turning the game on.

pubg mobile graphics
PUBG Mobile's graphics look better, but the number of objects is low

The two games were powered by two different engines, despite developed by the same party, Tencent. PUBG Mobile uses the Unreal Engine while CoD: Mobile runs on the Unity platform. While the engine does not really matter much, Unreal definitely has better visual fidelity than Unity – you would have to polish a Unity game a lot to get the same result. The strong point of Unity is the number of objects that can be inserted into the game world.

Overall, while PUBG’s maps have better texture quality on its assets, everything is few and far between, whereas in Call of Duty the battlefield would be crammed full of objects with fewer details. Call of Duty Mobile can also handle explosions physics better as well, as a lot of the objects in CoD are destructible. In PUBG, you can only destroy doors.

2 – PUBG vs Cod Mobile: Gameplay Modes

These two games are polar opposite in this aspect. While PUBG is a battle royale first, arcade mode second, Call of Duty Mobile focuses on the normal FPS experience, with the battle royale mode being just the cherry on top.

pubg game modes
PUBG has quite a few game modes too

Both approaches have their own appeal, with PUBG’s tactical and planning against Call of Duty’s explosive combat. Overall, Call of Duty is geared toward sci-fi elements, with a lot of random weapons and abilities that can do a lot of things, even summoning zombies. It is vastly different from PUBG’s approach, as in this game you feel like an average Joe at best.

3 – PUBG vs Cod Mobile: Loadouts & Progressions

While you can go into a battle dress like a clown in PUBG, that kind of thing is actually pretty hard to do in Call of Duty Mobile. Both games offer skins and cosmetic items, CoD’s system is much more grounded.

cod customizations
There are a lot of customizations in Call of Duty

The big difference between the two games is this part. While in PUBG everyone starts the game the same without any advantage over the other, Call of duty gives you a progression system. You would be able to unlock various weapons and skill going right out the gate – the higher the level of your character, the better the ability. This stems from the single-player nature of the series, in which powerful weapons often get locked behind a time gate.

This also cuts back to the previous section about PUBG vs CoD’s design principle. While PUBG aims to provide every single player on the map with equal opportunities, Call of Duty does not. An older player would definitely have an edge over a new player in CoD. For a guide for the loadout system of Cod Mobile, please check out this post.

4 – There are more things to do in Call of Duty Mobile

The core gameplay of Call of Duty is rather vanilla – as it can be found anywhere from other traditional shooters. Because of that, the developers have picked the “over the top” approach, even in the Battle Royale mode. Because of that, it takes a lot for a player to die in Call of Duty comparing to PUBG - you can unload a full magazine into someone and the guy would still be able to escape.

call of duty mobile core gameplay
The core gameplay of both games is interchangeable

In PUBG, everything is simple – you parachute in, get your usual guns then try to survive as long as possible using any method. In Call of Duty, however, there is just so much more to explore. From the class system which gives everyone unique abilities to heavy weapons like scoped rifles and minigun. Various gimmicks like sticky grenades, drones, and UAVs are also part of this game as well, which makes the battlefield become way more dangerous. Not only do you have to watch out for people with guns, but you also have to deal with various unexpected things like drones and zombies.

5 – Final Verdict: PUBG vs Cod Mobile

So, PUBG vs Cod, who is the winner? Overall, both games have different strengths and weaknesses and your skills from one game can easily be transferred to the other, due to the similar control schemes. For more information about the games, please check out their tag on

pubg vs cod mobile
Overall, both game has its own niche

Everything comes down to personal preferences: whether you prefer the battle royale mode of PUBG or the flashy actions and gadgets of Cod. You can definitely play both titles, however, due to Call of Duty’s progression system – you would never be able to unlock the best guns without a lot of time and effort.

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