Activision has been experimenting on various Battle Royale mode on its titles, with the recent Call of Duty Mobile being a successful example for the process. While nothing was confirmed back then, a lot of players were able to mess with the game files and glitched inside them.

Screenshot 2020 02 12 Modern Warfare Season 2 Cine
Players are going to drop from this plane

Based on various sources from both inside the companies and reputable video games magazines, Modern Warfare’s Standalone Battle Royale Mode is going to be released on March 10 as a free-to-play game. This is definitely the right choice, as Battle Royale games need a huge number of players to actually work. Blackout mode from Black Ops last year was pretty decent as well, however, it never went the free-to-play route.

Capture 5
The map of the battlezone

Warzone would be the biggest Battle Royale game in the market, with a total player limit of two hundred. Because of that, the play zone of every match would have to be massive, featuring various arenas that were part of other Call of Duty maps. Those locations are replicated in various degrees, from homage to outright copy and paste. This doubling of player number and map size is rather worrying, as the game might be dragged out for too long. It is yet to be seen if Activision would add any mechanics to thin out more players in time.

The weirdest aspect of this battle royale, however, is the respawn system based on a final duel to the death. If you get killed on the battlefield, your teammates can carry your corpse to an ambulance – afterward, you would be teleported to a gulag to 1vs1 another deceased player. The winner of the fight would be able to respawn. Remaining players can use the currency to bet on the fight as well. The previously mentioned currency is named “Plunder” and it can be used to buy items in the middle of a match.

Call Of Duty Warzone Glitched Menu 1
Loadout with a three-man squad

This reveal by Activision is likely due to a leak video a few days ago for the gameplay of Warzone:

Lastly, the game would be linked with the full Modern Warfare and would use the same Battle Pass system. You would be able to upgrade to the full game by buying the pass. Interested in more of our posts related to Call of Duty? Please check out this post for a comparison between Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile.