In Season 3 for Call of Duty: Mobile, there is a new mode available for Battle Royale called Warfare. At first glance, this new mode resembles Ground War for the PC/Console version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Therefore, different ways for beating this new mode for Battle Royale of Call of Duty: Mobile will certainly come in handy.

Call of Duty: Mobile

You have until February 16 to enjoy Warfare. In the meantime, gather as many tips and knowledge as you can to be the last one standing in this fun new mode.

1. Be class-y

Some of the classes in Warfare tend to do better than others in Warfare. In this case, the Scout and the Defender are the usual top picks for their appropriate styles. For example, Scouts can gather intel on the opponents and track their walking paths. This prevents the Scouts from running into nasty surprises and when to loot an area. And the Defenders have access to the Transform Shield that is a life-saver when under heavy fire, not to mention the Reinforced ability keeps them tough against explosive damage.

2. Drop in the right way

Even the process of dropping in for Warfare requires some tactical thinking. Think about what play style benefits you best before doing so. Do you want to find a good weapon ASAP and clear the way for your teammates? Or do you find safety in numbers and loot cautiously? Both options are equally valid since being more aggressive with your drop doesn't end your game. Although, respawning often isn't a fun experience if your gamble doesn't pay off, so you have to evaluate your style clearly beforehand.

Find the right class for your style

3. Get the right loot ASAP

Over time, the collapse will eventually enclose the teams until they are in a tiny circle. So a lot of the loots will be made unavailable when that happens. When the round progresses to the final circle, too many players will be close to each other because of respawns. Therefore, any remaining loot becomes much harder to get your hands on. Remember to find the loadout you want as soon as possible.

4. Using vehicles

Traveling in a vehicle gets more difficult over time as the collapse slowly restricts your movement and the concentration of players increases. On the other hand, if you can find something mobile from the beginning, like a helicopter, you will have an early advantage. In this case, you can get to the loot you want quickly and get out quick before the collapse closes in on you. Bring some teammates along on your chopper and you can do plenty of damage from above.

Find a vehicle that can get you in and out quickly

5. Infinite respawns

Warfare mode allows you to have infinite respawns, with the goal being reaching 150 points with 1 kill for 1 point. Therefore, you can try out some risky tactics that you normally don't use in other modes in Call of Duty: Mobile. But the emphasis here is on risky tactics, not playing with reckless abandon. You can be more aggressive in your play style but dying too often means giving your enemy points, so see if you can find the right balance there.

6. Adjust your style when dropping back in

Dropping back in is inevitable in Warfare, but use that occasion to reassess how to proceed in the game. Think about your loadout and whether the current one can still serve you well. Do you have a lot of firepower that can cause havoc to the enemy's team? Or maybe you need to do more scavenging elsewhere before jumping straight back into combat again? When you choose where to drop back in, think about your style and your current loadout before making a decision.

Think about your loadout before dropping

7. Use your equipment

In Call of Duty: Mobile, sometimes dropping in can land you right in the middle of a crowd, most of the time it is a hostile one. If you have the appropriate equipment, like flashbangs, you can easily turn an awkward situation into an opportunity. Using a flashbang when you are surrounded can help you either take them out quickly or slink away before they can get you.

8. Stick to your loadout

If you feel like you have found the perfect loadout for your play style, hang onto it at all costs. Even if you run out of ammo for your favorite weapon, the next time you drop back in, that weapon will have a full cache for your enjoyment. The good work you do in finding the perfect weapon carries over to your next life.

Stick to your favorite weapon

9. Airdrops: To fight or not to fight?

To get your hands on the best equipment, most of the time airdrops are the only option, and they are usually the best one. Why fight for it if everyone will be descending upon it anyway? Well, if you have a poor loadout, you're stuck with it every respawn. When you feel like you must fight for an airdrop, bring your friends along for the long haul. Either try to get to the airdrop in the chaos of a firefight, or use a Transform Shield if you are the Defender class with protective equipment. There are many ways to get to an airdrop, but strategical thinking will be needed if you want to succeed. Careful thinking extends to whether you feel like getting the airdrop is worth it or not.

10. Ensure clear communications

Having communications is a vital component of your success. You can use a mic to call out to your friends to help with airdrops, fly in a chopper together, or provide some cover. If you have the Scout class to go with it, you can be the ultimate liaison for your whole team to execute any strategy.

Not all airdrops are worth it

Warfare for Call of Duty: Mobile is available until February 16. So keep these useful tips in mind and you'll be a dangerous threat in all the matches you play.

Best of luck!