Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 is out now with tons of new gameplay updates and features to make the game more exciting and fun. Let's take a look at all the new things and changes in this season.

Two new maps Scrapyard and Cage

The classic map Scrapyard has been added to the game from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It will be available for most Multiplayer mode in the game.

The scrapyard is a medium-size map from Call of Duty: Morden Warfare 2

As for the new map Cage, it was designed exclusively for Call of Duty: Mobile. We wrote an article about this map before, which you can check out here. One funny thing about this map is that it features the headquarters building of Tencent in its background. This map is only available for Team Deathmatch mode and Sniper-only mode.

Cage is a brand new map that was designed exclusively for Call of Duty: Mobile

20v20 Warfare Mode

The new Warfare mode is the battle between 2 teams of 20 players on the battle royale map

Call of Duty: Mobile added to the game a Warfare mode in which 40 players are split into 2 teams of 20 players on 2 sides of the battle royale map. 2 teams will fight against each other until one team reaches 150 kills. Players will be using their own loadout for weapons. Also, all players can respawn endlessly and keep their loadout.

Rapid Fire Mode

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This new Rapid Fire mode will simply lower your skill cooldown, give you unlimited ammo and charge your scorestreak up faster

Rapid Fire Mode is a Multiplayer mode. It is basically just like a normal Multiplayer mode, but with lower cooldown skills. You will also have unlimited ammo for your guns to shoot all you want and your scorestreak will charge up faster. This is a limited-time mode.