Call of Duty Mobile has been on a rather poor phase as of late, with less growth than expected after such an explosive start. Tencent, the brain behind the game, is currently trying to patch up the leaks with the next major update, Season 3. Various details like the battle pass rewards and release date have been revealed, along with the update size.

Based on various leaks, TiMi Studios, Call of Duty Mobile’s developer, is going to overhaul the Battle Royale mode of the game with a lot of changes. These additions would be included in the next patch, and most of them would be features available in the original PC version.

Below are the three most notable changes that would be included next update.

1 – Secret Map

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The aforementioned map and its location

A map contains various secrets has been spotted while testing the beta version of the update. Its appearance is similar to the room plan’s blueprint. The item is placed on the top of a table, near the center of the map, in the general vicinity of the Snowy Mountains.

2 – Motorbikes

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A glimpse of the motorbike in Call of Duty Mobile

Since Call of Duty Mobile’s release, a lot of players have been asking for a bike to be included in the battle royale. There are various advantages that a bike would have on the map versus the four-wheeled vehicles – including speed and maneuverability. To honor players’ feedbacks, the developers are going to add bikes to various locations in the next update. While the stats of the bike hasn’t been released, we can more or less predict the role it would play in the game.

3 – Blackhole

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The black hole would expand over time

Blackhole is a unique visual addition to a part of the battle royale map. Players would be able to detect a black hole in the sky when landing near “Crash”. It would grow bigger and bigger over time to cover a bigger part of the air. The role of this phenomenon is still unclear, however.

Finally, the update would be available on Jan 17, with the Seasonal Battle Pass coming three days later, on Jan 20. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for the top 10 best guns in video games.