Call of Duty: Mobile just released a new Zombie mode last week where you will have to fight hordes of zombies every round to get to the final boss Abomination. You will be playing on Shi No Numa - The Swamp of Death - a Zombie map in Call of Duty: World at War. Apart from killing zombies and upgrading your weapons, the map offers many secrets for players to explore and unlock a new boss, and bonuses. Check out this guide below as we help you discover all secrets in the Zombie mode.

Death Machine

Cod Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa Easter Egg 100 Comp 219f_wm
Shoot all the pans

Death Machine is the ultimate weapon in the Zombie mode. It is a minigun with an unlimited magazine and ammo. It has high damage, an insane fire rate, and is very accurate. Here is how you can obtain Death Machine. First, go to the Fishing Hut and you will see pans hanging on the walls of the room, shoot them. Next, you will have to go out and find blue seeds on the right side to destroy them all with your weapon. There are 3 of them near the house and 2 of them on the other side of the bridge nearby. The weapon will spawn at the place of the last seed.

Secret boss Jubokko

Cod Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa Easter Egg 100 Comp 7cf7_wm
Find 2 Repair Parts on the first floor

In Hardcore Raid Mode, you can unlock a new tree boss called Jubokko and fight it in round 12 instead of Abomination. First, take a look around the first floor of your starting building to find 2 Repair Parts. They are spawned randomly around the floor. Next, go to the elevator on the second floor and fix it to go to an underground bunker.

Cod Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa Easter Egg 100 Comp Fbd8_wm
Repair the elevator to access a new area

You will find a laboratory with blues seeds in that area. Go near those seeds and they will grow tentacles.

Cod Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa Easter Egg 100 Comp 1bac_wm
Let all the seeds grow then destroy them

Cod Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa Easter Egg 100 Comp 5a0f_wm
Read the Experimental Diary

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Active the device

Read the Experiment Diary on the table and then destroy all the seeds with your weapon. Killing all the plants will also give you the Max Ammo bonus. Go to the next room and active the machine with a red flashlight. Now, all you have to do is survive until round 12 to fight Jubokko.

Max Ammo

Cod Mobile Max Ammo Easter Egg 3 22 Screenshot F7d4_wm
Find the blue rock at shoot at it

In order to get the Max Ammo Bonus, you need to use coins to unlock the Storage Hut. Here, you will find a blue rock outside of the map. Shoot at it a bit and some blue skulls will be spawned. Now, you can either leave the Storage Hut area or kill all the blue skulls to get the Max Ammo bonus.

Teddy Bear

Cod Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa Easter Egg 100 Comp E054_wm
There are 4 Teddy Bears in total

There are 4 Teddy Bears around the mao, 1 in each hut. They will disappear when you shoot them. Here are how you can find them.

  • Fishing Hut: After you get in, go to the left side on the balcony.
  • Storage Hut: After you get in, look out the window on the right side.
  • Comm Room: After you get in, look out the window on the right side.
  • Doctors Quarters: The Teddy Bear will be outside the left window. You should reduce your graphics to low to find it easier.

As of now, we still don't know what you are going to get by doing this.

All of these secrets take quite some time to finish so my advice is that you should save your money to unlock all the required area and then let 1 zombie alive so the round won't end. That way, you will have all the time you need.