It was PUBG Mobile that first set the foundation for an era of mobile shooters games 2 years ago with its battle royale gameplay and an innovative control scheme. Call of Duty: Mobile came out later and shook the market again with its iconic features and the Multiplayer mode. Now, MADFINGER Games has just introduced a new mobile shooter game called Shadowgun War Game, which is coming to mobile next year to rock the market up one more time. You can check out the trailer of Shadow Gun: War Game below.

Shadowgun War Game is a 5v5 mobile FPS game inspired by Overwatch. That means you can play the game as different characters, each with unique abilities of their own. Here are the 5 playable characters we know so far that will be in the game: Slade, Jet, SARA, Willow, Revenant.

Backgroundart Fca2_wm
Shadowgun Wargame is going to be a 5v5 FPS mobile game

Jade is a typical veteran soldier with Grenade and Medkit. He is good at both offense and defense which makes him a good choice for beginners.

Jet has a speed and mobility advantage with 2 abilities Blink and Time Rift. Blink allows her to teleport to a nearby location and flank enemies. Time Rift brings her to another reality and becomes invulnerable. Jet is perfect for players who prefer to play smart rather than fighting head-on.

SARA, short for Sentient Android Robotic Assistant, is a more defensive character with Healing Blast and Protection Dome. She can both heal allies than shield them from taking damage.

Willow is an expert in sniping so she has Flash Mine to set enemies up and Supercharge to increase her damage. You will likely get killed by Willow before you can even see her.

Revenant is an alien race who will play the tank role in the team. His Roar can cause enemies in front of him to slow down and lost their control while his Inner Rage reduces both his damage output and input.

Prereg Now F10a_wm
The game is now available for pre-register

We don't know yet that these 5 characters will the only ones available at launch or not but that is totally less likely to be the truth. The developer will be adding more features, match types, and of course, skins, emotes for players to buy as Shadowgun War Game will be a free-to-play game.

Now that is all we know so far about Shadowgun War Game. The game hasn't got an official launch date yet, but it is now available for players to pre-register on both App Store and Google Play.