28 Overwatch teams have gathered in the Blizzcon 2019 to attend the Preliminaries stage. Team India under the sponsorship from Global Esports landed safe and sound in the Anaheim Convention Center, ready for a fight. It is worth noting that Team India is one of those lucky teams who secured sponsorship to come to the event in Blizzcon 2019. Shoutout to Global Esports.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 03 62b7_wm
Team India entered the Overwatch World Cup 2019 after a bootcamp in Harrisburg University

Drawn into Bracket C and matched first with Italy, Team India got a tough opponent to fight against. Team Indian lineup consists of Aman ‘Cruzi’ Vivek, Chirag ‘Kcot’ Gupta, Girish ‘DJDestiny’ Das, Vatsal ‘Nightmare2k’ Uniyal, Sparsh ‘SoulHunter’ Oza, Megh ‘PrimalMage’ Patel.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 01 3046_wm
Team India faced off against Team Italy

All games are played in Best of five across 4 game modes: Control, Hybrid, Escort, Assault. The tier breaker – the last map will be one of the unplayed Control maps. The match between Team India and Italy panned out in 3 maps with a stomp for the Italian squad.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 02 Fd3c_wm
Team India got stomped by Team Italy in 3 maps

It seems like the skill gap between Indian esports and the world is still big. It may take time for Indian Overwatch teams to develop more skills and experience. You can watch the replay here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502196290.

Tickets to the main event

Team Italy advanced to the semi-final and eventually the grand-final against Team Sweden. Here they put up a good fight against the Swedes, won the first map and tied the second map. However, Team Sweden swept Italy in the last 3 maps, claiming a ticket to the main event.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 04 4822_wm
Team Sweden has claimed a ticket to the main event

In other brackets, Team Denmark and the United Kingdom also won their own group tickets to enter the list of final attendants. In Bracket D and E, Team Russia and Germany are locking horns to claim the last ticket while Findland and Netherlands are battling it out.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 06 5d6d_wm
Who will fare better and claim the last ticket to the big stage?

With that, 8 teams have guaranteed their ticket in the main event of the Overwatch World Cup 2019 held right in the Blizzcon 2019. Who will be the last to make it to the big stage?