Operator Skill is a unique feature of Call of Duty and an important factor in every Multiplayer match. It allows players to use a powerful special weapon that might change the tide of a battle.

Players can equip 1 Operator Skill in their loadout. In a Multiplayer match, it will charge up slowly over time and light up when ready. You can activate it by tapping the icon on the right side of the screen. Operator Skill will charge faster when you an enemy or finish an objective. Your Operator Skill only lasts for a limited amount of time after being activated so make sure to make the most out of it.

There is a total of 6 Operator Skills in Call of Duty: Mobile currently Purifier, Scythe, War Machine, Tempest, Sparrow, Transform Shield. Here are all the details about what they do and how to use them


Codm Launch Op Skills Purifier Final 4e61_wm
Purifier works best at close range

Unlock at level 3

Purifier is the first Operator skill that you can unlock in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is a flamethrower with high damage but a low effective range. In order to use it effectively, you should stick to fighting indoors or in small spaces, which are common in most Multiplayer maps. Note that it can deal damage to a group of enemies at the same time so don't be afraid to fight when you are using it.


Codm Launch Op Skills Scythe Final 8877_wm
Scythe is one of the best Operator Skill

Unlocks at Level 15

Scythe is a mini-gun with an insane fire rate, high damage, and high accuracy. It can easily kill three or four players in a matter of seconds. It is definitely one of the best Operator Skill that is great in almost every situation. However, it still has some drawbacks. First off, there a small delay before it can actually start shooting thus giving enemies a small window of time to run away or kill you. Secondly, you will move very slow when you are holding it so you should always switch to another weapon when you are not in combat.

War Machine

Codm Launch Op Skills War Machine Final 79ba_wm
War Machine is strong but hard to use

Unlocks at Level 26

War Machine is an automatic grenade launcher with a magazine size of 6. An accurate hit and you will be able to bring any player in the affected area down, making War Machine an extremely strong weapon. However, the trajectory of grenades won't be a straight line but an arc so you will have to aim higher at far distance in or to hit. It might take you some time to use it correctly.


Codm Launch Op Skills Tempest Final B19c_wm
Tempest works in a very unique way

Unlocks at Level 35

Tempest is a special weapon that shoots electricity and kills any enemy on contact. What makes it really stand out is that this electric current will transfer to nearby enemies and kill them as well. That means will have a lot of accident kill streaks just by hitting an enemy. The gun needs to charge up for a short amount of time to fire so you might find it is a little bit hard to use at first. Also, it has a slow fire rate so it very important for you to hit your target when you jump out.


Codm Launch Op Skills Transform Shield Final E857_wm
Transform Shield is the only Operator Skill that doesn't deal damage

Unlocks at Level 50

Transform Shield doesn't deal damage, but it is still a great tool for both offense and defense. You can use it to block entrances in certain places or as a cover to hide enemies' firepower. However, Transforming Shield can help you take down enemies too. When you deploy it, it will flash all enemies in front of it, disable their ability to see or hear. Your job is much simpler now.

On a higher level, good placement of the shield can even interrupt the strategy of the other team.


Codmlaunch Op Skills Sparrow Final 39b1_wm
You can only get this weapon through events

You can only get Sparrow through an event.

It can shot explosive arrows that will kill your enemies instantly. The longer you hold on to the fire button, the farther the arrow can go. You can also tap fire quickly and shot many arrows continuously.