The second Battle Pass season has finally hit Call of Duty Mobile today, bringing with it a wide variety of features including Alex Mason from CoD Black Ops, who makes an appearance as a new major playable character. There are more than a hundred tiers’ worth of rewards to work your way toward all over again, with the prizes split between premium and free users.

If you spend money to buy the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll gain access to Mason immediately, and given that the character originated from Alaska, there are also several Alaska-themed weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics to obtain.

Cod Mobile Alex Manson 5d99_wm
Alex Manson is now available as a playable character in the game

The Call of Duty Mobile Second Season Battle Pass will last for 56 days, offering decent rewards at Tier 10, 25, and 60.  Meanwhile, the highest reward for this season is the M4 – CQB Epic weapon, which is unlocked at Tier 100. So if you are interested in getting this one, you’d better get to grinding right now.

In other news, the highly-anticipated Zombies mode also went live just shortly before Season 2 kicked off. It’s pretty similar to the Zombie Modes in other CoD games, with you slaying armies of zombies to gain points, which you can spend on unlocking new weapons, areas, and other tools to prevent the walking dead from tearing you apart.

Cod Mobile Zombie Mode Fc91_wm
The zombie mode has also gone live, offering 3 different modes for players to enjoy

There are 3 different modes: Normal Raid, which features standard zombies, Hardcore Raid, which offers more challenges with tougher foes, and Survival, where you try to last as long as possible against an endless army of zombies.

The Battle Pass also offers new challenges for Zombie players as well, but that comes at the cost of a slight reduction in the number of points obtained from the challenges. Now, you won’t be able to get enough CoD Points for the next Battle Pass just by reaching Tier 100 like the first season anymore. This might be a disappointment for some.

Cod Points B03c_wm
There is a slight change in the number of CoD Points you can obtain from challenges

In any case, you can find Call of Duty Mobile available for download right now on both Google Play and the App Store if you have not gotten it already and now want to check out the new Battle Pass.