After an explosive start at the beginning of October, Call of Duty Mobile is on its way to becoming one of the biggest mobile games in both India and the world. According to popular data analyst Sensor Tower, Call of Duty Mobile has surpassed 148 million downloads, with India amongst its biggest market, second only to the United States.

In an interview, Chris Plummer, the VP Mobile of Activision, reveals more about the secret behind Call of Duty: Mobile’s success in the India market, PUBG Mobile comparisons and finally, the direction that the game is going to head next.

Beta Call Of Duty For Mobile Ios Android
Call of Duty Mobile's beta has been available for a long time to Indian players

What was behind the success of the game in India?

Overall, they did not expect such a great response from the gamer crowd on the first week. There were definite signs, however, as the Indian gaming community was very involved in the development of the title. With their early involvement, Activision has made sure that the network infrastructure of the game in India is enough to serve a larger number of players.

Getting Started Br Generic
There are a lot of game modes in Call of Duty Mobile, which means that the game would appeal to a larger crowd

What makes the mobile version of Call of Duty different from other mobile FPS in the market?

Call of Duty Mobile is a highly polished game that includes a lot of the popular aspects of Mobile FPS into one package, and not just the battle royale mode. There are a lot of twists and customization options inside the game, most unlocked by progression. This, in turn, leads to further depth in the gameplay that can be expanded upon. You do not just hide in the corner and shoot each other like in PUBG Mobile, there are various other mechanics to be considered too, like killstreaks or class system for example.

Https Hypebeast Com Image 2019 10 Chris Plummer Ca
More options are made available so that the game would feel different from other FPS on the market

How much effort has the company been spending on optimizing Call of Duty Mobile for lower-end phones and slower network speed in the Indian market?

Cod Thebestsettingsforgraphicsgameplayandcontrols
There are a lot of customizing options to ensure Call of Duty Mobile would be able to run on slower phones

The company has been sparing nothing in ensuring that all players using weaker phones would still have a great experience playing Call of Duty. As you can see from the release, the game runs pretty well on mid-range devices, with a lot of options that more advanced devices could take advantage of.

What is next for Call of Duty Mobile? Are there any plans for Esports?

Cod Mobile 1280x665
The new snow map is going to be made available on Call of Duty Mobile soon

Esports has become an essential part of any multiplayer games, and Call of Duty Mobile is not an exception. The developers are still working on that aspect, however.

In the future, there would be various events, maps, new features, and more rolling into the game. Call of Duty Mobile would use the “limited time” system for their game modes to keep it fresh – rotating game modes in and out based on events. Controller support is coming soon, along with various new additions to the anti-cheat system.

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile?

According to Plummer, their takes on the battle royale version of the game is just inserting various extra mechanics inside the mode, as the usual PUBG Mobile players might have gotten too fed up with the usual gameplay.

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