Although Activision's Call of Duty Mobile has not been launched for long, it has received the favor of many gamers and battle-royale fans all over the world.

The Tencent-made game was so viral that it has stolen the crown of the most first-month download from the notorious Mario Kart Tour!

Call of Duty Mobile has potentially the best launch of 2019

Lately, Sensor Tower has released the statistics of the most downloaded shooters on mobile devices. And not surprising, Call of Duty Mobile has beaten all of its major contestants to become the mobile shooting game with the most download counts so far.

To be more specific, from its first launch on October 1st to November 1, the game has seen over 148 million downloads from both Google Play Store and Apple Store. That is more than double the numbers of the second-best - PUBG Mobile (60,7 million counts), and outperform Fortnite Mobile (only 35 million) by a lot. Even more admiring, it has reached the milestone of 100 million downloads in the first week.

Call Of Duty Mobile Successful Launch 1
Call of Duty Mobile is off for a phenomenal start!

The closest game to match this number of Activision's shooter is  Mario Kart Tour - the game with an extremely famous concept that comes out in September. In detail, Mario Kart Tour has scored 123 million downloads - only equivalent to 83% of the number of CoD Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile Successful Launch 2
Mario Kart Tour has lost its position to Call of Duty Mobile

Investigating deeper into the details, Sensor Tower has found that India is one of the two regions that loves Call of Duty Mobile the most. Specifically, the download counts in India is almost 16.2 million, only less than North America with 23.6 million download. That number alone shows how favorably CoD Mobile is growing in India.

Call Of Duty Mobile Successful Launch 3
Call of Duty Mobile has just launched in India for half a month!

Remember that it has just been around for over a month, and this number will continue to rise. But only from the first month, the game has harvested $53.9 million in sales, with a daily peak of $3.1 million on October 5.

Call Of Duty Mobile Successful Launch 4
This launch was very successful in terms of revenue, too

Considering how extraordinary the game looks and feels, those numbers are very impressive, but not so surprising. If you want to take up the game after seeing this trend in India, don't forget to look for our guide on Call of Duty Mobile here, here and here, and stay tuned for updated guides as well.