There are six classes to choose from in the Battle Royale Mode of Call of Duty Mobile. In this guide, we would list the various tips and tricks for all classes in the game. As the game is balanced around them, no class is underpowered and all classes are viable.

The Clown

The Clown might not seem to be anything dangerous based on its name, however, based on its loadout, this class is not a joke.

The one difference that Call of Duty Mobile has over other Battle Royale games are the zombies. The Clown’s Anti Zombie skill would deal with this issue. With this perk active, the Zombie would ignore the sound you make until you are close enough to eliminate them. The zombie aggression distance would also be reduced.

The Toy Robot serves as an attract beacon. Any zombies close to the bot’s location would be drawn to it, creating a zombie-infested zone. Under the Toy Robot’s effect, the zombies would be hostile to enemy players who approach the location.

Br Classes The Clown
Throwing the Toy Robot to summon Zombies

There are multiple ways to use the Toy Robot. You can either use it whenever an enemy is detected nearby or just save it until the end of the game, as there would be less space for the opponents to hide from the horde. Bear in mind that the Toy Robots from multiple clowns would affect each other – you can use your own Robot to save your teammate from a sticky situation that way.

You would probably be safe from the assault of another clown, however, as your Anti Zombie skill affect the horde summoned by Toy Robots as well.

Overall, the Clown is not the most straightforward class. The main purpose of the class is to counter and direct the zombies – you would have to think strategically instead of just walk up and smack your enemies in the face.

The Defender

The principle of this class is pretty much opposite to the usual “best defense is offense”. With Transform Shield and passive Reinforced, these guys are pretty much the last ones to fall in any situation.

The most important thing in the Defender’s arsenal is the Transform Shield, a portable protective shield that can block bullets. Consider this ability a type of cover that can be activated anytime, anywhere, even when you are moving around. Use this when you are in a wide-open area or in a vulnerable position – it would protect you from ballistics damage for a short period of time.

Br Classes The Defender
Dropdown a cover if you encounter hostiles when passing an open area

Try to use the Shield wisely but don’t be afraid to pop it, as you can use this ability more than once in every match. It is better to use the shield and stay alive than die with every shield charge intact.

The Defender’s other ability, Reinforced, would provide you would resistance to all non-ballistic damage. With this ability active, explosions from frags and zombies attacks would deal 30% less damage to your health bar. With Transform Shield and this ability active at the same time, you would pretty much be invulnerable.

More resistance to a certain type of damage is a useful ability and it would definitely help you, especially at the end of a match, when zombies filled the maps.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic, despite its name, is a battle class that can manipulate technology to create an advantage for the team.

The main ability a Mechanic has is the EMP Drone. This Drone comes equipped with the ability to generate an Electromagnetic Pulse that could interfere and disable enemy technologies and equipment.

Using this Drone would require the player to be a little bit more creative with their strategy and movement. The Drone is rather fragile, and it could easily be destroyed if you are not careful. Circumvent this by tucking the thing out of sights, behind walls, or even high in the air so that the usual soldiers would not notice.

Br Classes The Mechanic
Be careful when using the EMP drone, as they are very fragile

The other ability of the Mechanic class is Engineer. With this ability active, players would get an augmented sight that could detect vehicles, traps and other equipment. This ability would pierce even walls and ceilings, reveal any tech nearby that can be interacted with.

Due to this ability, the Mechanic is a vital player in the war for tactics and navigation. The ability to spot an idle vehicle or the approach of an enemy drone would provide you and your team with the information needed for the planning process.

Overall, picking a Mechanic in this mode is not a bad idea if you plan to use vehicles or want to counter enemies with a lot of tech ability.

The Medic

The Medic is a class designed around Squad Mode. The Medic’s abilities are based on the healing mechanics in Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. The Medic’s first ability, Master Healer, quicken the healing process when using an item and cut down the revival time of downed squad mates. In the midst of battle, every second matter, and even one HP point could make a difference between a win and a loss.

Br Classes The Medic
Deploy a healing ring that could regen lost hit points for nearby teammates

The other ability that the Medic has is Medical Station. This skill would create a mobile healing machine that could affect multiple members of your team at the same time. The best time to use this ability is after a big battle or while you and your team are looting. Be careful when using it, however, as standing next to each other would attract frags.

The other use of this ability is during long battles. When you and your enemies are trying to whittle each other down, having a healing machine placed nearby could be pretty useful.

The Medic is pretty much a must in any team-based matches. You should be careful, however, as the healer of the team should not be on the frontline taking the brunt of the damage. The Medic is still worth picking in solo mode, as fast healing is always useful no matter the situation.

The Ninja

The most mobile class in the game, the Ninja is probably everyone’s favorite. The main tool of this class is the Dead Silence skill and the Grappling Hook, both are based around stealth and agility.

The first ability of the Ninja, Dead Silence would conceal their movements by muffling their steps. Against those who mainly use sounds to locate their enemies, the Ninjas would be able to easily bypass their plans.

Br Classes The Ninja
It is best to use the hook to get the high ground advantage

The next tool is the Grappling Hook, another way for the Ninja to get the jump on enemies on unexpected angles. It is best to use this ability to move horizontally, as the high ground is a great advantage when making ambushes. It can also be used on nearby surfaces to move faster – enable the player with better mobility.

With the deadly combination of two abilities, the strength of the Ninja lies in ground combat. However, it is still viable to make use of a vehicle to move around the map, as moving longer distances on the map is really risky. The vehicle could also serve as an attraction so that you can move out of sight to ambush your enemies. The best attachment you would like to have is probably a suppressor – to muffle your shots. The enemies would not see this coming.

The Scout

To the Scout, intel is power. The class’s two abilities, Sensor Dart and Tracker, are designed around gathering more information in the midst of battle.

The Sensor Dart would reveal the surrounding area when fire, just like the UAV in normal Multiplayer. The effect of this skill would be active on a tiny area around the location of the Dart.

While it is not possible to reveal an enemy’s exact location vertically, the dark would display where the enemies are on your mini-map. That information alone is probably enough for you to

Br Classes The Scout
Reveal the location of enemies by using Sensor Dart

determine the current location of your opponent and decide on a course of action.

Your ability to use the mini-map would be the key in using the Sensor Dart, as it would only be as good as your own perception. The second ability of the Scout is Tracker, a skill that reveals the movement of hostiles by displaying their fresh footprints using special light. This ability also requires you to pay attention to the world around you and assess the situation on the move.

With all this intel available on-demand, communicate with your teammate is key when you are playing in a squad. Reveal the location of hostile using your abilities and help your team to create a plan is definitely a part of being a good teammate. It is recommended to use a microphone and speak clearly when playing this class, as you are the one able to see things that others do not.

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