Call of Duty Mobile, one of the most anticipated Mobile FPS, has just been released a week ago. This list will help you decide what to choose between the eight Assault rifles available in the game.

Tier 1 Assault Rifles


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The ASM 10 is pretty much the best Assault Rifle available - it unlocks at level 138

The ASM 10 is probably the best Assault Rifle in the game – it is definitely the most popular one. The reason behind that is its stats. It’s not quite the king of any statistic, but it also does not have any weaknesses. The ASM 10 has respectable damage per hit, manageable recoil, plus solid range and fire rate. Its first three bullets also have much higher accuracy too – if you are used to firing burst shots, the ASM 10 is pretty much an unstoppable weapon of destruction.

Tier 2 Assault Rifles


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High damage, range, and recoil. The AK47 unlocks at level 23

If you can deal with the recoil, the AK-47 is probably one of the best choices. It has the highest damage in the weapon class, plus an excellent range and a decent fire rate. However, due to its insane recoil, this gun is probably the hardest Assault Rifle to use properly. That’s the sole reason behind this rifle getting placed into tier 2.


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You need to reach player level 46 to unlock the M16 assault rifle.

The M16 is rather similar to the ASM 10, with advanced stats and no apparent weakness. Both guns are designed about three-round burst, however, the M16 is weaker than the ASM in this respect. That’s the reason why this gun is placed in tier 2. It is excellent at medium to long-range, with the non-existent recoil coupled with excellent damage per shot.

Tier 3 Assault Rifles


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The M4 is unlocked at level player character level 2 - this is probably your first rifle.

The M4 is a very easy to use and is the best Assault Rifle choice for beginners. Despite having lower damage and range, the M4 has great accuracy. This gun shine in medium-range battles in which the ability to manage recoil is key.

The gun could use a range buff, however, as currently, it takes far too long to take down an enemy in long-ranged combat.


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When you unlock it at level 115, the BK57 also comes with a movement speed upgrade.

The BK 57 is pretty much a weaker version of the ASM 10. Its stats are decent across the board, with the exception of its damage rating. This is not a bad gun, its just that there are a lot of better choices out there.


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The LK24 is unlocked at level 74. By that time, you probably have already upgraded some of your other guns.

The LK24 shares the same problem as the BK57. It is a good weapon, but today, “good” alone can’t cut it. There are much better options in the Assault Rifles class.


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You need to reach level 60 to unlock this gun. It has high damage and accuracy but lower range than the normal AK

The AK117 has great fire rate, decent damage per bullet, however, its range is too low to be effective. If you are into close-quarter combat, an SMG might be a better choice, as they have much lower recoil than the AK117.

Tier 4 Assault Rifles

Type 25

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You need level 104 to unlock the Type 25.

The Type 25 is probably the worst Assault Rifle. It has the best fire rate coupled with the worst range and very high recoil. The type 25 is pretty much an SMG, however, why picking this gun when you can pick a real SMG? It is best to skip this gun entirely and just go with the AK117 if you need an SMG knockoff.

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