The Mobile version of the famous Call of Duty franchise has earned recognition globally in the mobile market. Published by Tencent Games, who already have previous experiences while working with PUBG Mobile, the game is expected to be another big player in the scene. Call of Duty Mobile is free to play and currently available in India.

There are four gameplay modes in Call of Duty Mobile: Deathmatch, Frontline, Battle Royale and Zombies, which would be released in a future update. Call of Duty Mobile is quite different from PUBG Mobile, so users who have just installed the game would find its settings a little bit confusing. Below is a step by step video guide:

This article will tell you how to get the best aim and sensitivity settings for Call of Duty Mobile – and with that, your gaming experience would be further enhanced.

Best Aim Settings

There are two types of aim options in Call of Duty Mobile:

Simple: Only available in Multiplayer, this type of firing mode is recommended to every player. With this mode, the gun automatically fires whenever the crosshair is placed on the body of an enemy. You don’t need to tap the fire button to shoot using this mode. Firing weapons manually is also an option for advanced players.

Advanced: The normal option, with players tapping the fire button to shoot.

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Manually set your sensitivity is recommended

Best Sensitivity Settings

The settings below have proved quite effective in giving players a better aim. However, this is more of a suggestion, as people’s preferences for sensitivity vary. Users can change the sensitivity of the cursor in the settings menu.

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You can also pick a "general" setting, but it is not recommended

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