Mobile games are getting more and more popular these days, with devices capable of running complicated video games like shooters. Before Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire were on the top of the Mobile Shooter genre in India, generating millions in revenues.

Call of Duty: Mobile has been a great success since its release, with an explosive start of over one hundred million downloads just three weeks after its official release date. The reason behind Call of Duty Mobile’s success was the experienced developers and the brand, as the team working on the game is extremely experienced at developing shooters.

Call Of Duty Mobile List Of All Ranks
The evolving badges in Call of Duty Mobile

Unlike other competitors, Call of Duty: Mobile is equipped with a ranking system right from the start. This system is very important to any esports games, as it would serve as a basis for matchmaking. People of various skill levels would be matched with others at the same level, which ensures a level playing field.

The Ranking system also serves as a boost to the competitive mentality of players, as everyone would try to get the first position for extra points to climb in the rankings. This leads to a better game experience, in which the players would be encouraged to play the game more and more to achieve the daily targets and rewards. In this ranking system, players are divided into various Tiers. Based on the performance of each player after the match, they would be assigned a tier. The higher one’s tier is, the more difficult their matches would get.

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You would get a reward for every ranked title

The following section would describe all the intricate details of the Ranking System in Call of Duty Mobile.

Currently, there are a total of six tiers in Call of Duty Mobile ranked:

  • Legendary
  • Master
  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Veteran
  • Rookie

The bottom three tiers are further divided into three levels, like Veteran III, Elite II and so forth. Legendary is the maximum rank that one could get in Call of Duty Mobile: Only the top 10 players of a server could get the honor. Beginners and new accounts would always get placed in Rookie I. There are 4 sub-levels in Pro tier and five sub-levels in Master tier.

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The leaderboard that contains the score of each player

Your placements in the tiers would be based on the points system. The more points you have, the higher Tier you would be placed in. The section below would reveal more about the points and how to maximize points gain.

Firstly, let's talk about the point range of each tier.

  • Master IV = Above 5000 Points
  • Master III = 4100 - 5000 Points
  • Master II = 3800 - 4100 Points
  • Master I = 3000 - 3400 Points
  • Pro IV = 2700 - 3000 Points

Currently, there are the only point ranges released by the developers. As getting to high tiers is exponentially harder, you can expect the first few tiers like Rookie to be a breeze.

Next, we will go deeper into the method that the game calculates your point gains. There are quite a few things that would be taken into consideration. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that ranking points are only given when you play Multiplayer mode.

Cod Matchguide S8
Ranking points would be calculated after every match based on various attributes

In other modes, ranking points are not awarded. Currently, the factors in points calculation are divided into three: 20% survival, 30% deaths and 50% on kill stats. Your points would be calculated after taking those three elements into consideration.

Below are the steps to access the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Tap on Multiplayer mode
  • Click on Rank Match
  • Customize your loadout
  • Click on Begin or Play Match

One thing that you need to take into consideration is that the ranks of multiplayer and battle royale modes are separated. Because of that, you would be ranked based on your points in multiplayer, while in Battle Royale mode, you would be ranked based on your win percentage and Kill/Death ratio.

Cod Matchguide S7
Experience gained in Team Deathmatch is largely based on the number of kills you got

To get better in Call of Duty, besides the Skill level (rank) you have to improve your character level as well. Only with that could you further unlock more weapons and tools to use against your enemies in higher level matches.

In the next section, we will discuss more on how to gain experience points effectively in Call of Duty Mobile.

Along with the previously mentioned kill/death ratio and your general performance in the match, Call of Duty Mobile also calculates XP gained based on the mode you are playing. The best mode with the highest experience modifier is Hardpoint, with Domination and Team Deathmatch come close behind. Free for all mode gives the least amount.

After that, you would need to get a specific gun to a high level. We recommend something like an M4 or PDW, as those guns are quite strong and available early on. With more levels on the same gun, its performance would be improved and with it, your own performance in matches. Drone combat is important, as they would net you extra kills and experience.

Cod Matchguide S5
Drone combat is really important, as you are able to gain exp by killing enemy drones as well

From the first perk category, it is best to go for Fast Recover, Agile or Persistence. Fast Recover would increase your HP regeneration, giving you a better chance in prolonged combat. Agile decreases the aiming down sight time, which in turn increases your reaction time and accuracy. The next important skill to take is Scavenger, which let you loot extra ammo from dead bodies.

Cod Matchguide S2
Customize your loadout carefully

Furthermore, Dead Silence and Toughness are some of the perks that you should consider adding to your list. With Dead Silence active, you would be able to engage and retreat more stealthily, which gives you an edge over the enemies. Toughness might seem to be not as impressive as other offensive perks, however, having it on your character would ensure victory in any kind of solo duel.

This concludes our guide for the Ranked system of Call of Duty Mobile. Interested in more Call of Duty Mobile related articles? Please check out this post for the best Assault Rifles available in the game.