10 – BFG 9000 (DOOM series)

Bfg 9000 Doom 2016 Wiki
The BFG a.k.a "Big Fucking Gun"

The classic Super Weapon in FPS. The Big Fucking Gun nine thousand first appeared in the original Doom and then its sequels and spinoffs and remakes. It is the trope namer, the chief inspiration for a lot of other guns on this list.

Overall, the gun is a giant plasma launcher that can fire out streams of energy that can clear all the weaker enemies in the room and heavily damages the stronger ones. There are a few more variants of the gun in later installments: You can charge it up in Doom 3 – and in Doom 2016, the BFG has an even bigger radius.

9 – Tesla Gun (Wolfenstein series)

Tesla Gun Wolfenstein 2009
Equipped with a mini tesla coil

Lightning/Electricity based guns have been a very common thing in science fiction. There are plenty of them in FPS games, but the best example is probably the Tesla Gun from the Wolfenstein remake of 2009.

In-game, the gun is a short-range beam weapon that fires multiple arcs of lightning that can automatically strike nearby enemies. As players upgrade the gun, the damage jumps up dramatically making it the most damaging close-range weapon. Besides frying weaker enemies, the gun also stuns the stronger ones, leaving them open for physical attacks.

8 - SBC Cannon (Serious Sam series)

While huge miniguns and laser guns might seem cool, the most iconic weapon in the Serious Sam franchise is actually the SBC Cannon.

The name doesn’t lie, as the SBC is an actual giant cannon that can be operated single-handedly. When firing, a giant cannonball that’s even bigger than the gun is created – it would roll around, destroy smaller enemies while colliding and dealing huge damage to tougher ones. The gun can also be charged to launch a much more dangerous projectile that moves at way higher speed. After a while, the cannonball would explode and deal even more damage.

7 – Dark Matter Gun (Quake IV)

A pretty cool gun that can shoot miniature black holes. When fired, it would release a globe contains dark matter that would travel slowly in one direction, sucking all the enemies nearby into it and heavily damage them. This alone would kill most normal enemies and gravely wounded the elites. When the Singularity contact with another surface like a wall, it would explode, dealing heavy damage to all enemies caught in the area of effect. Overall, the gun looks amazing, the black hole looks cool, and the effect sounds satisfying.

6 – Blue Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

The gravity gun is one of the best parts that Half-Life 2 has to offer. It is a powerful physical tool that you can use to launch any projectile at the enemies. The damage varies – depends on what you picked up. The best targets are grenades, propane barrels, and sawblades.

Near the end of the game, the gun gets supercharged by an alien containment field. All of its abilities are improved to an extreme level – you can grab pretty much everything not nailed down, even enemy soldiers and fire them as a projectile at devastating speed. It is definitely the funniest superweapon to use on this list.

5 – Redeemer (Unreal Tournament)

The portable nuclear missile

Redeemer is the game’s most devastating superweapon – it is a launcher that could fire thermonuclear missiles. The missiles deal heavy damage and could travel a large distance, albeit rather slow. The primary fire mode launches the missile normally – you can switch to another weapon afterward. The secondary mode, however, lets you control the missile manually and steer it to avoid enemy attacks (the missile is vulnerable to attacks). You can also detonate it manually in this mode.

While the thing has all the drawbacks in the world, when its projectile connects, the enemies are pretty much finished.

4 – LaserKraftWerk (Wolfenstein: The New Order)

Laserkraftwerk Tno 1024x512
Multifunctional laser gun

Each new installment of the Wolfenstein series would contain new and amazing weapons – and the best gun in The New Order is probably Laser Kraftwerk. It is a multipurpose laser gun that boasts high damage and pinpoints accuracy. The best thing, however, is its versatility. You can deal with the smaller enemies using the primary fire, charge the special attacks to deal with the big ones – or even detonate parts of enemies (when upgraded) to spread the damage into an area.

You can even use the thing to make holes in barricades to shoot through with other weapons as well. There is also a fire mode that can burn enemies in contact.

3 – Leech Gun (Prey 2006)

Leech Gun
Convert energy into ammunition

A versatile and highly damaging weapon – you must recharge the Leech gun by using it to drain energies from nodes scattered all around the Sphere. The gun would gain different properties based on the nodes it drained.

There are 4 types of ammo: Plasma, Frost, Lightning, and Sunbeams. The Red Plasma mode is the normal one, with a constant stream of bullets akin to an automatic rifle. The Blue Frost mode is a close-range freezing wave while the White Lighting mode is opposite, with high damage at a longer range. The last mode, Sunbeam, fire a continuous ray and knockback both the player and target.

2 – Electrodriver (Painkiller)

A perfect weapon that combines both the cool and functional factors. And with the alternative fire mode, it is also pretty versatile as well. The primary fire mode would launch electrified shuriken at the target rapidly – and if you can time it right, the shuriken would also explode and deal even more damage.

The secondary fire mode is literally the opposite – in this mode, the Electrodriver would unleash a continuous stream of electricity that would cause moderate sustained damage

1 – M406 Hydra (Unreal II: The Awakening)

This weapon is probably the most versatile Grenade Launcher ever created in gaming. The primary fire mode of this weapon is just the usual grenade launcher experience, with a few tweaks here and there (you can manually time so that the grenade would bounce a few times prior to detonation.

The best part of this weapon, however, is the fact that it has six types of ammo. The Frag Grenade would damage, Incendiary would burn and set stuff on fire, EMP would disable robots, Concussion would disable humans. Lastly, the Toxic Grenade would damage enemies over time and the Smoke Grenade would limit their vision.