It is like this in every kind of media – sequels always have to be bigger, better, with higher stakes than the originals. Video games are not an exception. They can either take what already exists from the previous game like tools and technology or risk their time and money to research and development new assets. In this list, we would list out some of the biggest and most expensive sequels in the last decade.

10 – Witcher 3: ~45 million777760

CD Projekt Red did expand on every project since the first Witcher. The third game in the series is their first time making a true open-world RPG, however. Due to their high budget and talented crew, after just four years of development, Witcher 3 has become one of the most successful RPGs of all time.

The total budget for the development of the game was 45 million dollars, with an additional 35 million for marketing before release. Their next project, Cyberpunk 2077, has been worked on for more than seven years. Because of that, it is expected that 2077 would cost way more.

9 – Dead Space 2: ~60 million

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The Dead Space series more or less filled the void when famous horror franchises like Silent Hill and Resident Evil were in a bad spot. Dead Space 2 is way bigger than the previous entry, as it took place on multiple space ships and even a space station, which would be way bigger than that of the previous movie. The game was not as successful as EA had hoped, however.

To make and market this game, EA spent about 60 million dollars for development and another 60 on marketing. The game had been very successful in capitalizing on what the first game has created, however, EA should have taken more risk and make some innovation.

8 – Crysis 3: ~66 million

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The original Crysis was definitely one of the biggest memes in the last decade, as it is too graphically intensive for any computer of the time to actually run. However, if you managed to run it, the game is actually pretty good with all the semi open-world fast-paced combat. The second game was decent, but not nearly as praised as the first, due to its nature of being linear. Crysis 3 was an experiment – in this game, they combined elements from both parts of the series. The result was received pretty well – it cost the studio about 66 million dollars to make.

7 – Metal Gear Solid 5: ~80 million

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 4k I3

The latest entry of Hideo Kojima’s infamous franchise has definitely polarized the fanbase, despite the universal praise it gained from critics. While it is an unfinished story, the game can still keep players occupied for about 50 hours.

The cost of making MGS V was about 80 million dollars – this fund was partially used in the development of the game’s engine, Fox. It is a shame that this engine has not been used much afterward. There were a lot of problems plagued the development of this game, with Kojima leaving the company he has been working for since 1986 after the game was completed.

6 – Mass Effect Andromeda: ~100 million

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The Mass Effect franchise was amongst the top sci-fi games from the previous generation, with all three entries being groundbreaking in their own right. The sequel, Andromeda, has a very big shoe to fill. However, it looks like the task was impossible to accomplish, as the game’s development process was hindered by various severe issues, including the rewriting of Frostbite Engine, which was not something that you would use for an RPG. The studio behind the game was rather inexperienced as well.

The game’s development cost was one hundred million dollars – and it was a massive failure. EA and the studio did try to fix the problem, however, the core issues cannot be fixed: the game is just not that fun.

5 – Red Dead Redemption 2: ~100 million


The 2018 sequel to Red Dead Redemption was by far one of the biggest games ever. The wild west was depicted very faithfully, with natural wonders brimming with flora and fauna. They are the perfect backdrop to create Arthur Morgan’s backstory.

There is also a multiplayer component incorporated inside the game, just like that of Grand Theft Auto 5. The amount of effort that was put into this title is unbelievable – the publisher had to spend about over 100 million dollars to develop.

4 – Battlefield 4: ~100 million

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Battlefield is probably amongst one of the biggest franchises of modern shooters, along with Call of Duty. While CoD usually focuses on smaller scale combat with operatives infiltrates a hostile region, Battlefield focuses on its namesake, large battlefields that contains a lot of players. EA had high hope for this game, as Battlefield 3 had somewhat brought back the fans’ attention.

The costliest parts of the series are the destructible maps and dynamic multiplayer locations. It cost about one hundred million dollars to get everything running.

3 – Max Payne 3: ~105 million

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This game was released nine years after the previous installment, however, the wait is definitely worth it. The hard-boiled detective came back after 12 years and a clean-shaven head. The tricks and nuances of the series’ gameplay stayed the same, along with story quality.

The developer has been very thorough in recreating a virtual Brazil to use for the game’s levels. They had been extensively investigating and researching locations, even hiring various local talents for parts. This is where all the money went, along with the upgrade of the Rage engine.

2 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider: ~110 million


The third game in the reboot Tomb Raider trilogy is the costliest to make while being the least successful. Square Enix had spared no expense on these games, however, the third entry is probably the heaviest, with the production cost of 110 million dollars.

It is rather hard to guess which direction the series would take after this trilogy. The reboot Lara Croft is nice, however, a lot of fans missed the old version.

1 – Grand Theft Auto 5 ~135 million


Rockstar games are amongst the most expensive to make – as they usually spare no expenses in researching and hiring talents. It is almost always the correct direction, as their game would always sell – they don’t have to worry about the profit margin. The one hundred and thirty-five million Rockstar spent on developing this has been a really good investment, as GTA 5 sells like hotcakes.

To this day, the title is pretty much the highest-grossing game ever made, partially due to GTA Online, GTA 5’s multiplayer component. A release on next-gen consoles is not out of the question.

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