Assault Rifles is one of the main types of weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile. They are useful in most maps, situations, and preferred by most players. Assault Rifle is the most balanced type of weapon with decent range, damage output, fire range, and utilities. Here, we have ranked all assault rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile from best to worst.

Tier 1

Ak117 Star Camo Cod Mobile
AK117 is the best assault rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Ak117: This gun lacks damage, but it is compensated by its high fire rate and low recoil. All in all, you can deal damage consistently even in long-range with its incredible accuracy. Out of all assault rifles, the AK117 is the most reliable choice for you to carry your team to victory.
Strain 25 Boii
Type 25 has an insane fire rate plus good accuracy
  • Type 25: Don't' believe the gun stats they show us on the Type 25. This gun is more accurate than you think. With an extended mag or a quickdraw, you can take down enemies one by one quickly and easily.

Tier 2

Ak47 Assault Rifles Weapons Call Of Duty Cod Mobil
AK-47 has high damage, high range, but great recoil
  • AK-47: The AK-47 is a famous weapon in most modern shooter games. It is known for having high damage as well as an insanely high recoil. Although most newbie and casual players would avoid it, experienced players love it as it shreds enemies like paper. That is if you can actually land your shots with it.
BK57 gives a little bonus speed while aiming
  • BK57: The BK57 gives you a really handful bonus. You will be granted bonus movement speed while aiming, giving you a little advantage in solo kills. It has mediocre damage, high rate of fire and accuracy. Basically a better version of the M4.
The M16 is really handful in Team Deathmatch with its bonus movement speed
  • M16: The same as the BK57, M16 will grant you the bonus movement speed, but when you respawn. This bonus is super effective in Team Deathmatch mode, where you will respawn a lot. It has decent damage - nearly as much as the AK-47 but has a shorter fire range and lower fire rate. But that also means the recoil of M16 is much more controllable than the AK-47.

Tier 3

Screenshot 2019 05 17 00 41 03 91
M4 is the first gun you get in Call of Duty: Mobile
  • M4: As the first gun for every player, M4 has great accuracy with low damage, a perfect option for newbies. However, that doesn't mean the weapon is weak as controling recoil on mobile is a pretty hard task. With a red dot, you can easily go full spray and hit every single bullet on enemies. That is way better than using a weapon with high damage that you can't hit a bullet.
ASM10 is one of the few guns that you shouldn't use
  • ASM10: The ASM10 has decent damage when compared to the AK-47 while having lower recoil. But it is in fact worse than the AK-47 in many ways. It has less damage, less range, less mobility just to reduce a little bit of recoil. Furthermore, you can only unlock at Level 138 while the Ak-47 is unlocked at Level 23. There is nothing superior about this weapon over the Ak-47 apart from its cool look.

Tier 4

LK24 isn't much better than M4 and takes too long to unlock
  • LK24: Although it is unlocked at Level 74, it is doesn't really better than the basic M4 that you get when you first started the game. By the time you can unlock this gun, your M4 probably has tons of upgrades already, making this gun abundant. It also doesn't have much utility as well as damage, making it the worst assault rifle in this list.