"Merry Chrismas to all of you guys, hope you have a wonderful Chrismas day!" - that is not the thing that I want to say, but also the cherish that Call of Duty: Mobile wants to give you as well. And it's time to open your gift from Activision and Tencent by opening CoD: Mobile on your phone, and voila - the Winter Raid is waiting for you to take part in!

It's the effort from the publisher to bring the spirit of the holiday season into the game. Winter Raid is basically the Prop Hunt mode that used to feature in almost all of the previous Call of Duty games, including Black Ops III, WWII, and Modern Warfare Remastered. But this time, it has come to Call of Duty: Mobile with a Chrismas-themed look!

You can see the trailer below to catch the vibes as well as the information on the mode's features and rules:

If you don't like the props, just shoot it!

It's Chrismas time, so it will be rude giving the other bullets and grenades for gifts, so Call of Duty: Mobile will let you enjoy the game in a different way. Winter Raid will put players into a snowy map full of Chrismas vibes: Chrismas tree, colorful presents in the bottoms and snowmen scattering everywhere.

Call Of Duty Mobile Winter Raid 2
The atmosphere in CoD: Mobile is less tense in this holiday event

However, that's the thing you have to watch out for. To be more specific, it will divide players into two teams: the Props (the hiders) and the Hunter (the seekers). Then a game starts with the hiding phase, whether hiders will have a limited amount of time to choose places to hide. However, that might be too disadvantageous for the hiders, so the devs give them a special ability: disguise themselves as the Props.

Call Of Duty Mobile Winter Raid 1
Turn into the props to and blend into your natural habitats

Now, they'll have plenty of locations to hide, such as under a Chrismas tree alongside other real presents. Since the hiding phase is done, it's time for the Hunters to hunt for their gifts. The seeking teams will have to investigate every corner in the map to catch all of the fake Props by pointing guns toward thems and blow them up into pieces. Eliminating all members of the Props team before the time runs out will secure a win for the Hunters.

Call Of Duty Mobile Winter Raid 6
Don't hesitate, since you won't run out of ammo in this mode

Again, standing still might be too disadvantageous for the Props. Hence, they can run away from the Hunters on caught, and if they manage to survive from the firepower of the Hunters, they might find a new place to hide. If there is only one member of the Props team survive till the time runs out, the game will end with the victory for the Props team.

Call Of Duty Mobile Winter Raid 5
Run quickly if they spot you!

The mode will not disappear when the holiday ends

Winter Raid will stay available in Call of Duty: Mobile starting from December 20, and will be there until the end of this year. After that, it will disappear, and replaced by the original Prop Hunt. So, if you really enjoy this mode, you can try it even before this event, only with the Chrismas elements ripped off from the game.

Call Of Duty Mobile Winter Raid 4
After December 31, Winter Raid will be replaced by the ordinary Prop Hunt mode

Together with this special theme mode, Cod: Mobile also introduced a new class namely the Trickster. As its name refer, this one will make use of their special abilities to baffle the opponents. In detail, the Trickster can create 2 holograms of itself to attract the attention of the enemies, while the real person will go somewhere else.

Call Of Duty Mobile Winter Raid 7
Introducing a new class - Trickster

In order to claim this new class, you only need to fulfill a pack of missions and challenges in Battle Royale before December 29 - which means you only have 4 days left to grind! So what are you waiting for?