The Zombie Mode has been a big part of the Call of Duty experience since its first appearance back in 2008, as a mode of Call of Duty: World at War. The mode was just recently released on Call of Duty Mobile, with a single map called “Shi no Numa” (“Swamp of Death” in Japanese). The map was based on a DLC of World at War.

The secret boss of the zombie map

The structure of the Zombie Mode would be like this: You, along with three other players, would team up and fight against wave upon waves of the undead. The number of waves and the difficulty would be based on whatever mode you picked, along with a boss battle at the final round. If you are playing Survival mode, there would be an endless wave of zombies for you to fight until your inevitable demise.

Our guide below contains some of the best tips to help you survive the horror of the zombie mode.

1 – Constantly buy Perks, Tokens, Buffs and Ammo

Remember to buy items regularly

In the heat of battle, there are just so many distractions that sometimes you just forgot to spend whatever resources you have gathered. Every little thing helps and you would run out of ammo more often than not in later waves. Try to use the time between the waves to stock up.

2 – Take turns firing/communication

Take turn firing to draw aggro

When you are facing a sizeable horde of zombies, it might be best to fire in tandems with your mates instead of unloading everything at the same time. By taking turns to fire when the other players are reloading, you would definitely be able to keep the zombies a safe distance away. That also eliminates overkills, as both players can focus on the same target and waste ammunition.

3 – Get access to all areas

Agb Codm Shi No Numa 1
Try to open all areas on the map

While you can complete the first few rounds in the starting area, it is very important that different areas be opened as fast as possible. The other rooms would enable more moving space so that you could escape when surrounded by a huge amount of zombies.

4 – Making use of AOE attacks like Grenades and Tripmines

Grenades and trip mines are very important

Grenades are expensive, however, they are worth every single penny when you are stuck in the middle of a zombie pack. Trip mines can also be used in a similar fashion, however, they are best used defensively to cover an area after your retreat. Just don’t waste these items on single zombies.

5 – Use traps

Trigger traps for free kills

All areas of the map contain some type of trap that you can take advantage of. These devices are able to clear out a huge amount of zombies to give you and the squad a much-needed break. Traps are best used when you have gathered aggro from a big enough wave of undead. Just be sure that you can escape from the trapped zone and your friends are not inside it.

6 – Know the locations of the best guns

The Raygun in Call of Duty Mobile's zombie mode

You need to learn the map to know the locations that the best guns are stashed. In a zombie match, you would start the game with just a pistol and a few more options for weapons. As soon as you are available, try to head to the locations with your weapons right away. There is also a secret room in which you can access by gathering the elevator parts and repair it.

7 – Keep calm

Do not panic when facing the horde

It is common for players to be overwhelmed when facing a big number of zombies. When panic, players tend to waste their bullets by spraying ineffectively instead of aiming for the head, which in turn leads to even worse results. Keep a level head and clear out the ones who are closest to your position then look for a way to get out.

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