The 0.16.0 update has just released with a brand new mode Rage Gear and a snow coat for Erangel. However, these changes are nowhere near as big as the leaks that I am about to show in future updates of PUBG Mobile. In the beta version of the Chinese PUBG Mobile game, YouTuber Mr.GHOST GAMING has found out that players will be able to use different skills in the battle royale mode, including Grappling Hook, Deployable Shield, Healing Ray, and more.

If you have play Call of Duty: Mobile battle royale mode, these skills might look familiar to you. Call of Duty: Mobile introduced character skills for its battle royale mode since the beginning. Grappling Hook will help you to latch a hook onto a surface and pull you toward that location. This skill will give you a great advantage in PUBG Mobile as all the maps in the game are large and complex. You will be able to access unexpected locations easily and quickly with this skill. It also allows you to jump down from a high location without losing health.

Deployable Shield Gappling Hook Abilities Much Mor E472_wm
The Grappling Hook will allow you to reach any place quickly and easily

As for the Deployable Shield, it will give you an instant cover that is big enough for your whole squad. This skill is extremely helpful especially in the late game, where your team is desperately looking for a good cover in an open field.

Deployable Shield Gappling Hook Abilities Much Mor F91a_wm
The Deployable Shield will give your team a great cover in the late game

The video also reveals a new heal gun that allows players to revive teammates from a short distance instantly and tools that allow you to fix your Helmet and Armor.

Unlike Call of Duty: Mobile though, these skills might not be tied to characters but might appear as items that all players can equip and use.