Although the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile has been upgraded many times, hackers can still cheat with more sophisticated manners. While the publisher is still struggling with cheaters, many true players are being “killed” every day by those hackers.

Cheaters Are Selling Hack Tools Online

The developer of PUBG Mobile is struggling with cheaters while hack tools are getting more sophisticated and advanced every day. It seems that 10-year ban punishment and continuously enhanced anti-cheat mechanism of PUBG Mobile cannot block down cheaters. And hack tools are still sold widely and publicly online.

Hack Tool Is Also Upgraded
Hack Tool Is Also Upgraded

While the ban pan list of PUBG Mobile is prolonged every week, lots of players are still killed by cheaters. Due to no registration fee, banned cheaters can create a new account and cheat again. The publisher even lets players log in as guests if they don’t prefer connecting to their Facebook.

Tencent announced that it had an excellent anti-cheat system that can detect and block cheating accounts almost right away. However, diamond cuts diamond. This September 22nd, a PUBG Mobile player uploaded a video on how to hack this game without getting a ban pan on YouTube.

How Hacker Kills You In Pubg Mobille
How Hacker Kills You In PUBG Mobile

Limits in Anti-Cheat System of PUBG Mobile

After learning about the anti-hack mechanism, we can point out four limits of this system. First, it can detect and block players using cheat tools during the match. Then, the spectator mode is not delayed in ranking matches. Besides, it’s very easy to download hack tools on GameLoop Emulator of Tencent. Last but not least, it’s easy and free to create a new account and install the emulator. Make use of these limits, hackers can cheat without getting blocked.

Pubg Mobile To Upgrade Anti Cheat System
PUBG Mobile To Upgrade Anti-Cheat System

After this video is uploaded, this cloned account gets banned. In this case, Tencent learned a new cheating method of hackers to find the solution for it.