Recently, Tencent added a new map called "Cage" to the test server of Call of Duty: Mobile. This map is exclusively designed for Call of Duty: Mobile and hasn't been released for any other Call of Duty game.

One funny thing about this map is the background image. There is a skyscraper building in the background that looks exactly like the Tencent Binhai Mansion, Tencent's headquarters building. The portion between the 2 towers in the game matches the real building exactly so I think this definitely not a coincidence.

The tower in the background of the new Cage map looks exactly the same as the Tencent Binhai Mansion
The Tencent headquarters building in real life - Tencent Binhai Mansion

It has a smaller size than the Nuketown map and placed inside a construction site.

New Cage Map Gameplay In Call Of Duty Mobile Cod M
The minimap of the new Cage map

As you can see in the minimap, there are 2 main roads that connect 2 spawn locations and 1 big space in the middle where there will be players most of the time. There are also ramps around the map for players to get to high positions and snipe other players from windows.

In a gameplay video of the new Cage map, we also get to see some players are using a mecha robot suit. This will be a new feature in the upcoming season of Call of Duty: Mobile. This item is called Goliath and you will be able to unlock this mecha suit as a Scorestreak with 900 points.

New Cage Map Gameplay In Call Of Duty Mobile Cod M
Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile is going to have a mecha suit called Goliath

The release date for Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile is not available yet, but we can predict that it will come out somewhere around January 20 based on the release date of the last 2 seasons.