Garena Free Fire has been trying pretty hard to compete with PUBG for the Indian market. While they have been making steady growth, big changes need to happen if they want to gain an upper hand. Because of that, the developers have decided to release a brand new map named Kalahari. Besides the map, some minor game improvement, and balance changes, the patch would also come with a new set of tasks and the brand new Elite pass.

As the game is a battle royale, any decision about releasing maps would have to be carefully considered, as they would split up the player base even further. Battle royale games require much more players in a map than the usual game, so it is just not possible to have too many maps.

The new map would be desert themed with a lot of vantage points

An official teaser has been released for Kalahari, which reveals a few more snapshots of the desert map. There were various speculations regarding the size, however, it is confirmed that Kalahari would be smaller. This is actually the opposite of PUBG’s approach to desert maps, as Miramar is by far the biggest one.

There would be themed vehicles as well

It has been over a year since the last time Garena release a new location for Free Fire – the previous new map was Purgatory, more than a year ago. Kalahari would definitely be a great addition – it would bring a new challenge to players. As Kalamari is the smallest amongst the maps, it would definitely be a bloody melee, similar to Sanhok in PUBG.

The Elite pass of the game would be samurai themed – it would also come with 20 Pass token as a part of the new year event. The token can either be redeemed for rewards or use to unlock a new mode called Fatal Blade.

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